How to repurpose a lamp


We recently did some decorating for my daughters room and I just could not spend anymore time looking and paying for new things.

 I looked in our attic and found a lamp just sitting there gold in it’s glory. I thought to myself why can’t I just spray paint it and get a new lamp shade.
I was impressed with the results but thought I would go a little further and embellish the lampshade with some fringe. This is where your under budget can get over budget. Fortunately this trim only cost $8.00 a yard so it was affordable.

I was also pricing desk chairs and was amazed that a child’s chair was over 200 dollars. I went to an antique store that does alot of the refurbishing already, called Through the Garden’s Gate, and found this hot pink chair. It was obviously once a different color but a fresh coat of paint and it is a new piece of furniture. More importantly, it was sturdy and only 60 dollars. A new fabric seat for $10 and we have a brand new look.



Also from the same antique store I found this refinished chest for my bathroom a year ago. Much cheaper than something off the market plus I am saving some trees!!

Next time you are in the market for a new furniture or accessory item, look in your own house or second handstore and think outside the box. What will this piece of furniture look like in a new color!!

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  1. i have that same chest in my lil girls room..but its turquiose..i also found it at a lil antique store..i just thought that was cool to see someone else with the same piece of furniture..seeyas

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