How to get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

How to get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

This post about getting sponsorship for youth sports teams is sponsored by Global Influence. All the opinions are 100% my own. All of my kids have played soccer in some capacity, either thru the YMCA recreation leagues or on the local travel teams.

My daughter, now 12, has really found the love of the sport. As a parent watching her pick flowers on the soccer field as a young girl, we never would have thought soccer was going to be her sport of choice.

Now she plays soccer 9 months out of the year, more if she could but we want her to cross train with swimming during the summer.

How to get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams


How to Get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

My boys have recently started playing lacrosse with a brand new league here in Richmond, and I had discussed with other parents about looking for sponsorships for the kids sport teams.

It was not until I was introduced to Ritz Bits Snack For Your Champion Program and that I realized there is a central place to help teams raise funds. This particular Ritz Bitz Snack for your Champion Program is specifically for youth soccer Teams

I am thrilled to learn about the process and how they are giving away $100,000 to youth sports teams and there is no catch just a company giving forward. 

Ritz Bits-support-teams How to get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

What is

Pear is a social engagement platform that helps groups earn sponsorships from brands – for free.
• Pear matches up sponsors with groups and organizations within the community.
• The mission is to make sponsorship simple and easy for both parties.

How it works:
• Sponsors have money to donate, but they don’t always know how or where to donate it.
• Pear works as the middleman to help connect sponsors and groups in need.
• Pear helps the group leader create a Pear, and the group leader invites others to join.
• A dedicated community manager at Pear will help groups get the most money from their Pear.
• Groups earn sponsorship money by creating a Pear for their group and sharing with others who complete digital incentives to earn more money.
• Each group can earn up to $1,000 within a 10-day time frame.
• That $1,000 can be used toward team apparel or can simply be a donation to the soccer team for team/league fees.

create-a-pear-to get-sponsorship How to get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

How to Get Sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

• Each team member completes digital steps on behalf of Ritz Bits to earn dollars – things like liking Ritz Bits on Facebook, following Ritz Bits on Instagram or signing up for an email.
• For every step team members complete, they’ll get dollars towards their goal.
• The more tasks you complete, the more dollars you earn for your sponsorship.
• At the end of the 10-day period, group leaders claim an online certificate for the amount earned redeemable at any Pear printer or a check will be made out to the individual responsible for handing financials for the soccer team or organization.
• You get to keep whatever amount you earn.
• It’s completely free to participate.
• It’s zero cost to you, and no are donations required.
• So far, there are more than 1,700 participants and more than 250 Pears.

SUPPORT A TEAM TODAY (10/2019 it appears pearup no longer is valid) Read on to other suggestions. 

Since my daughter is graduating to school supported soccer this fall I could not create a Pear for her team as that is a restriction. Here is another Pear Team I started for my son that I would love you all to support.

Also, it is easy to set up your own Pear for your child’s youth sports teams for Apparel or for League/team fees. Sports are such a good foundation for kids to learn to play in a team setting and learn the value of winning and losing.

Go help support local teams now and help get sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams.

Other ways to find sponsorship for Youth Sports Teams

Look Around Your Community

Similarly to the point above, targeting your community and local businesses within that community can be a great way to secure a sponsorship. Even though they aren’t directly connected to your team, you still have the community in common.

Maybe they are willing to pay part of your uniform fees for a name on the back of the jersey. Or host a bowling night for the team and proceeds go to your team. 

Look on the National Level. 

Consider car dealerships, food chains, stores, or any other franchise that has a branch in your area. Reach out to them with your sponsorship package and they will be more than likely to consider yet another opportunity to market themselves and reach a new audience.


Make sure you know your goals and your needs before approaching anyone about sponsorship.  Be professional and polite.  If your kids are old enough, have them join you in the meeting as well. 

Have your found other ways to get sponsorship for your youth sports teams? 

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  1. Thanks for the great article, Maria! 🙂 We appreciate your support and help getting the word out about this awesome program!

  2. Great tips, my kids were all in sports and early on my hubby was the coach. We had to every year go look for sponsors. Was not easy finding companies to support us.

  3. THANK- YOU! we are currently looking into sponsors for my son’s fall soccer team!

  4. What a cute pic! We are a soccer and football family, these sound like they make a nice snack!

  5. Great tips and information! I’m sure this will be usefull for many people!

  6. This is a pretty cool idea for parents of kids in sports, except mine dont. I got little computer nerds instead.

  7. I haven’t ever heard of this! Wow! Something to keep in mind when baseball season comes around.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I will share this to my son’s school. It might be something they will get interested in.

  9. I have never heard of It sounds like an awesome place for people to go for sponsors. Awesome cause. Thanks for sharing.

  10. nice info yet again to share with my sister.. her son is growing up and so interested in sports.. I have no kids yet..

  11. It is worth a try. I am doing another Pear for my son’s lacrosse team.

  12. My youngest kids are just entering the age of youth sports. Thanks for the tips!

  13. I wonder if this works for dance? I am definitely going to look into this for my daughter!

  14. I love that it makes light work of a sometimes difficult task. It sounds fantastic and very win-win to me.

  15. What a great way to earn money for teams. Gonna pass this information on ..

  16. This is great! I think also getting local businesses to sponsor the teams with a business logo on the shirts is also a great way to help kids play sports and get their uniforms.

  17. Wow how wonderful. This sure beats begging for money online or on your local news station. Awesome project

  18. Great info! I’ll keep this in mind for when my daughters older.

  19. This is a great post. I will have to use this for my kid’s sports. It is such a pain to find the sponsors.

  20. This is great info, I will definitely look into this for all our teams. Thanks!

  21. Great tips, I’m trying to get my son into baseball or football.

  22. I never gave much thought on how teams were being sponsored. This sound like a great way to perhaps get money for your team.

  23. That sounds like a great way to earn money for a sports team. I will definitely be sharing this.

  24. Thanks for this.. i am so going to look into this for my daughters gymnastic team.. fundraising is so hard that maybe this will help benefit their teams.

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