Intro To BIZ Stain Booster

We have partnered with BIZ® to bring you a series of posts about the effectiveness of their product. All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

When I became a mom I never realized just how much laundry three children would create. Even more importantly how messy teenage boys can still be. From food stains to grass stains I see it all. I am no angel either since I get stains from cooking and crafting all the time. The main difference is that I will pre-treat my items where my boys tend to just throw all their clothes in a pile. This is where BIZ comes in handy.


So here is a little intro into how to use BIZ Liquid to help get those stains out of your fabrics. 
What are the stain fighting ingredients in BIZ that make it so effective?

Why BIZ® is Better. CLEANS UP TO 80% BETTER than detergent alone MORE STAIN-FIGHTING INGREDIENTS than other brands Only fully-formulated product available PROVEN TO REMOVE ALL TYPES OF STAINS Available in Powder, Liquid & Liquid Boosters Contains No Bleach & No Phosphate




Here is on of our first experiences using BIZ Liquid booster. I wore this white shirt to do some spring clean up in the gardens. Well it got warm so I took off my jacket not really thinking about the aftermath.


We pre-treated the major dirty areas.


Washed the shirt with other laundry and added more BIZ to our regular laundry detergent.

I think this turned out pretty clean. I did not use bleach and the stains came out wonderfully.

Be sure to check out all the BIZ products like the booster packs and the On The Go pen. Here is a video of our first expereince but just to let you know somehow when I switched the camera around the video was lost of the actual stain…. 


Which BIZ product would you try first?

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