It’s hot here, here’s what we are doing to keep busy

With all the temps rising across the country we are trying to find ways to keep cool and entertained. This week our heat indexes were over 105. I can’t believe I am saying this but it is too hot for the pool even. Whatever you do, stay cool. Also love to hear your stay cool ideas.
Here is a few things we have done to keep cool and keep expenses down too….
1. Bass Pro Shop
We drove 25 minutes to our local Bass Pro shop. This was my first time and wow is this a store. The kids were easily entertained just walking around and looking at all the animals and out door “toys”. Check your local store’s website as they have fish feedings, we had to get home before this but the fish themselves are pretty cool to look at. They also each got free fudge samples, if you are lucky enough to get there while they are making a new batch.
2. Local Museums
We are already members so we went early. Check Groupon or living social deals in your city for offers. We actually renewed our Science museum membership through a great Groupon offer. Entertainment books also offer 2 for 1 coupons.
3. Sprinklers

I just turned on my irrigation system and the kids ran around for 30 minutes in their clothes. Sometimes unplanned events are just as fun.

4. Arts and Crafts
Trying to get a some new ideas I just went through my junk drawer and pantry and pulled out some beans, glue, popsicle sticks, stickers and let the kids use their imagination on some black cardstock I already had…
30 minutes later here our their creations.

5. Water Bottles
Many filled water bottles this summer. We have tried to become more eco-friendly and not sure prefilled water bottles. How many times have you filled up a water bottle and tried to get ice inside and the cubes are too big? We were at 5 below yesterday and these ice cube tray  were near the check out. I had seen them in a magazine before but were priced around $6. For a dollar I think it is worth the trip and easy to use.

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