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This is a sponsored post about influencers marketing and is sponsored by Markerly by all the opinions expressed are 100% my own. Many of us started blogging to get our ideas out there and share recipes, crafts and family friendly products with our readers. Eventually we all want to monetize or blogs and that is one reason I recently joined Markerly’s blogging network. I know there are a ton of different blogging networks out there, I must admit I have joined several in my years of blogging but wanted to share why you should join Markerly to get sponsored content.


Here are the top 7 reasons the Markerly is one of the best blogging networks available:

  1. Markerly is a full-service managed network with 24/7 blogger support
  2. Markerly gives you heat maps of your entire post so you can see what people were clicking on
  3. Markerly pays bloggers within 48 hours of the post going live… no waiting 30 to 90 days like other blogging networks
  4. Get paid to work with great brands like Levi’s, Super Bowl, TruMoo, eMeals etc.– Who doesn’t like to get paid for writing sponsored content. These companies
  5. Get free products to review like wine from companies like Last Bottle Wines and Invino or cool earbuds from Jaybird. (sounds like some great campaigns for all interests)
  6. Markerly’s network is open to anybody to join that has over 10,000 page views a month or an average of 3 comments per post  Even if you don’t have the page views if you have good interaction with your readers you can still participate.
  7. Markerly is very focused on quality blog posts and bloggers that have engaged audiences —  They have you become a better writer by providing you quality keywords and points to get you started and noticed in web searches.


Convinced yet to sign up for Markerly to find sponsored content opportunities and finally get paid for writing reviews for the brands you already love? If  I have not convinced you to join, you can read more press about Markerly’s Network.
Influencer Marketing is a great way for brands to connect with bloggers and their audiences to sell more products and gain awareness.
Markerly is one of the best blogging networks to find sponsored content opportunities and get paid to work with awesome brands. In many ways, Markerly is unlike other influencer marketing platforms and their blogging network focuses on quality and authenticity.

Non-blogging friends PLEASE NOTE: just because I am getting paid to write about a company does not mean I only say positive things. If I don’t like something I either, a) don’t agree to write about the product or b) let my readers know what I did not like about something. 

Here is a great way to get started, by  entering a $250 American Express Gift Card giveaway through Markerly. We will be choosing a winner Feb 27, 2014. Details are included in the giveaway form.

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  1. This is a great way for you to earn extra money. I think I prefer sponsored posts instead of annoying pop ups.