Lephrecaun Trick or SImple Science Experiment

When my son brought home a white carnation from church a few weeks ago I thought about an experiement we used to do with food coloring when I was a child.

Recut the stem slightly and add to a vase. Simply add enough food color to make the water change into a deep version of your color. After several hours the petals and stem change into the color of the food dye chosen. We first used blue and the kids loved watching the flower change. A teaching moments of how a flower drinks.
After that I thought I don’t ever remembering trying 2 colors. We emptied the blue water and recut the stem and used red food coloring. The effect took much longer and not as dramatic. I imagined a rainbow flower but no chance!

As I was doing this I thought what a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day trick. All you need to do is buy an inexpensive white carnation from the grocery store and place it in a vase. (non glass may be more shocking) After the kid go to sleep, add some green food coloring and by the time they awake in the morning, the silly lephrecaun will have spread some Irish onto the flower.
If the kids can see the colored water it may be less believable and shocking!! For more St. Patrick’s Day Tricks reread this post.
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  1. I love this idea – I remember doing it years ago when my kids were young! Stopping by from Wednesday Blog Hop and now following.

  2. Adorable idea! One time I accidentally did the other way. Put a dyed flower into a vase and all the color drained out of it!

    Found you through Good Friends Just Click, now a Google Follower. Please check out my blog, IDoTheeWedSara.com and follow if so inclined 🙂

  3. You turned a pretty flower into something quite beautiful. I always wondered how they did that. My 7 yr old daughter will be amazed by this.

    Thanks for sharing and thank you for joining us on I ♥ Blogging Hop.

    I am your newest follower, HAGW!

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