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Do you have a child going off to college or maybe in need of a unique wedding gift? Forget about the traditional items like cash or gift cards branch out and show them you really took time in picking out their gift. Check out Boy Meets Girl®, an edgy yet wearable, stylish yet casually classic young contemporary brand. What a great way to send a fashionable yet personalized gift. Better yet get one for yourself and share your boy meets girl preferences and make your own fashion statement!


What is Boy Meets Girl anyway? For her signature logo collection, designer Stacy Igel captures the innocent spark between boy and girl with vintage cameos. You get to design the rest! Anything from a monogram of your initials to wedding dates can be embroidered on their cozy hooded sweatshirts.

You are sure to get some attention when wearing one of these personalized hoodies. Thinking I will be buying this for my friend who has a house divided: CUBS vs SOX! If you are from Chicago, the baseball teams are already regionally divided, if you live on the south side (Sox fan) and Northside (Cub Fan). Since you can’t always judge your potential spouse by their preference in baseball teams, you are bound to have a disagreement when it comes to which baseball game you will be watching or attending! Instead of arguing, show off your house divided and make everyone happy.

However, your ultimate goal is to influence your children to go your way. Think a Cubs Vs Sox is the perfect gift for her to show how their house is divided!! I guess you are being fair even if you are advertising the enemy!


Look outside the box and get a Personalized Hoodies for any of these occasions:

• Wedding/Bridal Gifts (example names: Groom and Bride)

• Graduation Gifts (example names: Yale Alumna and UofM Alumna)

• Sorority Events (example names: Mr. ZBT and Mrs. AXO)

• For the house divided (example names: Giant and Jets)

• Single and Fabulous (example names: TBD and Me)

• The social media savvy girl (example names: @you and @me)

• The pop culture obsessed (example names: Kate and Will)

The options are endless. See what others area saying about Boy Meets Girl fashions on their twitter page. *$5 flat rate shipping on domestic orders and free shipping on domestic orders over $75. Worldwide now available too. While I did not have a chance to actually feel the quality of the material, considering all the press they have been receiving you should not be disappointed.

What is your fashion statement for your Boy Meets Girl Hoodie?


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