Make your own Candy Corn Shirt-Just Glue and Glitter

Well I say glue and glitter it just has to be the correct type of materials. This is a fun project that can be completed in a weekend (due to drying time) and the kids can help if you don’t mind glitter all over the floor.

I saw an article in Family Fun Magazine about Plaid Simply Screening Glue to adorn fabrics. It seemed easy enough and I wanted to make a skating shirt for my daughter which most of the tutorial pictures. Obviously with extra supplies on hand I asked my daughter if she wanted to try one. Since I had the Metallic colors on hand a candy corn seemed perfect.

(If you are in Richmond, I found the supplies at Ben Franklin after I already ordered them on-line….they said they did not carry them:(

You can buy premade templates or make your own:

To make your own:
Simply decide on the graphic you wish for you t-shirt by looking for clip art choices.

Enlarge the picture to fit on the as desired.

Lay the printed paper over freezer paper and cut out using a exact-o knife.

This can be tricky with more detailed photos. I left a separation in my candy corn just to avoid colors colliding.

Family fun suggeted ironing on the freezer paper but not sure how that works, as I was unable to get it flat. You can use table to hold it down.

Put glue on with a sponge brush and add fabric

Allow to dry per pkg directions  and  here is your personalized shirt for very little.

If you plan on using the material again it comes to $4 or 5 a shirt depending where you get the plain t-shirt.

This would make a cute present for someone’s birthday with their age glittered nice and  big in front.


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  1. It is really a cool idea, we can buy plain T-shirts for cheaper price and design with glue and glitter. I’m sure that the customized T-shirt will give rich look.