DIY Portable Homework Stations

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How many of you did the happy dance on the first day of school? Back to school is such a bittersweet time for me because I gain my home again for a few hours each day but with that comes the responsibility of making 3 lunches every day and the dreaded homework. While we are still in the process of changing our kids playroom into more of a tween/ study room I decided to make a portable homework station for the kids. Last school year they seemed to move from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table to the guest room desk on any day of the week and now they will have their supplies all in one easy place making homework time easier.


This back to school project is not time-consuming nor will it cost you much money, except for the school supplies but that is where Office Depot Rewards come in handy. Last year I started making portable homework stations and picked up some inexpensive plastic containers in different colors, one for each kid. While it worked ok, the school supplies needed to finish the homework was not organized well.


I had three pails already in the house but you can use recycled tin cans as well. I wanted an extra one so I just spray painted a cleaned out and dried can out of my recycling bin. 


Mark each container with a Sharpie Pen with either with specific school supplies or each kids name if you want each child to have their own set.


My kids are always looking for highlighters and they love the new Sharpie highlighters. I thought there was going to be World War 3 in the house when I brought those home. Also I am tired of the kids using broken pencils as an excuse to stop their homework. Thanks to Papermate mechanical pencils that should stop the need to sharpen pencils all afternoon.

The older kids are now required to bring pens to class. I totally remember that time in school, you feel so grown up! My daughter has always been obsessed with pens, gets it from her dad’s side! Not any pen will do for this middle schooler either, she requires the UniBall Gel Pens which are pricey. Shopping at Office Max helped because you can Save $5 Off your purchase of $20 or more on Select Newell Rubbermaid Brands (PaperMate, Expo Neon Window Markers, Sharpie, Uni-Ball, & Mr. Sketch) While supplies last.


I hope the transition to school goes well and having all their school supplies in one spot at home should make homework time easier on everyone.

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What would you add to your portable homework station to make homework time easier?


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  1. Homework time can be an incredibly stressful time in my house. This idea is really really great to help keep things organized. Just a thought, but I always keep a well stocked craft bag. It has saved me numerous trips to the store (and my daughter is only in Kindergarten)

  2. I need to do this at my house!

  3. This would make everything so much easier for them and you. What a fantastic idea! Plus it looks more organized which is also best for learning.

  4. Very good idea to have a homework station – sharing this post with Dawn – she is having a terrible time getting Davey to finish his homework.

  5. I have something similar set up. I homeschool one son and another goes to school. This system works great!

  6. Great idea! I should have done something like this when my kids were still in school. In fact, I should do something like this now for myself for work!

  7. I like the portable idea. We have a really small house and I have a feeling homework will occur in different places depending on what’s going on.

  8. What a cool idea! I should do this for my lil’ guy!

  9. I love this idea. This is something that I am going to try in my home.

  10. This is a really great idea! It’s so difficult to get any kind of work done if you aren’t organized.

  11. I think a portable homework station is a wonderful idea! My daughter refuses to do homework anywhere aside from the couch, so I think this would be great for her!

  12. Great tips! We have something similar but you are much more organized that we are.
    Love the tin cans with the names!

  13. What a great idea. Everything is organized and handy!

  14. love this idea! Portable homework stations will be made in our house. THanks for sharing!

  15. My daughter doesn’t attend school so no homework for her but I love the idea of having homework stations! I hope to have one of these for her next year for when she does attend school!

  16. My daughter definitely likes having her own homework space and supplies!

  17. Great idea! My daughter has all her school stuff set up similar to this, so she can easily take it with her and have everything she needs.

  18. That is an awesome idea. Very creative and useful.

  19. That is a great idea! I actually might do this!