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This post about Easy meal planning, is sponsored by Dream Dinners Midlothian, VA. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own.  We have updated this post since 2015 as we tried it again and things have changed due to the current restrictions. 

 Same great meals, just now they are prepared for you for easy pickup!

meal planning at dream dinners


For the past 3 months, I feel like I press reorder on my Instacart every week or I am in such a hurry at the grocery store I just buy my typical items.  I’m getting bored, the kids much more so.  Well, mix things up in your home and make meal planning much easier thanks to Dream Dinners.


cooler filled up ready to go frozen dinners

 Imagine picking up 6 frozen meals to eat throughout the month that you don’t have to think about.  My kids were so excited when I made their Chicken Ceaser sandwiches and served up some fries in my air fryer.  

Little did they know it took no effort to grill the already marinated chicken breasts, toast the buns, add the prepared dressing and add a leaf of lettuce…  They compared the meal to Chickfil-a. 



Dream Dinners offer 17 different dinners to choose from (20 dinners starting in September 2020!)



These dinners are designed to give the busy family more time to do what they love and spend less time menu planning, grocery shopping, chopping, prepping, and cleaning.  Saving time and money are on everyone’s minds when feeding their families!  We are homemade made easy!

Simply defrost cook, and make a simple side.  Everything you need in your meal is in the Ziploc bag.  No chopping, marinating, or looking for spices.  

Each frozen meal comes with step by step directions.  Most take less than 30 minutes to prepare.  Quicker than getting take out.  



Dream dinners frozen meals


Check out Dream Dinners, pick out your meals in medium or large sizes.  (we got large that typically feeds 6).  Since you are not assembling them yourself, you can add notes about what you want to be eliminated or reduced so each meal is made just for your family. 


grlling chicken sandwiches

Since its summertime, I mostly chose meals that could be grilled. There are slow-cooker options as well.  Trying the pulled pork meal later this summer.


chicken caeser sandwiches

Bring a cooler for pick up and place these packed made for your meals in your freezer.  They will stay fresh up to 3 months in the freezer and up to a week in the fridge.  


dream dinners

There is no subscription just order when you want a break from grocery shopping and meal planning


dream dinner starter pack

 People can order either 3 large or 6 medium dinners for $99 and use the coupon code for $15 off !

Code: 15OFF
Offer: $15 off the Meal Prep Starter Pack
Expires: Dec 31, 2020
(New guests only, not valid with Dinner Dollars)

From our visit in 2015:

I have seen these meal assembling places come and go in our area and really never bothered to go. Why should I, I love to cook, I am a food blogger isn’t cooking from scratch my duty. Well, I recently visited DreamDinners a national chain, and found a lot of value in their concept.

You pick from their monthly offerings and then go one day and prepare enough meals for the month that you store in your freezer, thaw when ready and can get dinner ready in about 30 minutes. The place was packed with repeat customers I had to see what this was all about.

The store is set up in stations and each station contains a recipe and the ingredients and steps to complete. The best part, you spill no biggie they clean up.

No wasted ingredients in your fridge or pantry waiting for you to come up with another recipe to use it up. No waste is a no brainer.

How many times have you purchased green onions to use 2 in a recipe and then a week later find the rest wilted in your produce bin?



The concept is perfect for the BUSY PARENT who just needs to remember to thaw the ingredients and not go shopping that day.

The EMPTY-NESTER  who doesn’t like to cook now has portioned controlled meals in their freezer. 

GOING TO A VACATION RENTAL?  Bring home-cooked meals without any of the fuss. You can prepare your dishes at DreamDinners, freeze them and transport them to your vacation knowing you won’t be doing too much to prepare dinners.  (2020 YOU PICK THEM UP NOW COMPLETELY FROZEN SO YOU CAN GRAB THEM ON YOUR WAY OUT OF TOWN!)

SOMEONE WHO DOES WANT TO WASTE FOOD.  Since everything is already mixed together and chopped, you won’t be looking in your fridge to find a half of ginger root or onion going to waste. You won’t throw out spices in a year that you only used once. 

I made the Chicken Parmesan sliders for the family one evening I was headed out for a meeting. Could not be easier and the kids were fed without stress on me or their dad.

Some of the products you will add to your recipe kits are pre-made, so be sure and ask about allergies, etc before ordering.

So eliminate dinnertime stress and enjoy a meal “semi-homemade” by you. You get the credit for a homemade meal without any of the stress. Meal planning could not be easier especially when someone else is creating your menu. 



You can also order a few sides or desserts to keep on hand as well. 



This is an example of the August Menu, be sure to check out their website for the current 17 offerings.   Starting in September they will offer 20 different meals. 


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