Monster Mash…Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween

Every few years my family tries to come up with a theme. This year the kids thought of Monster Mash…best we could do for someone who wanted to be a vampire and a monster with a beating heart. I was stumped for a while as to what my husband and I were going to be…..thought of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein.

Amazing what $12 at Good Will, $7 at 5 Below, $8 Target and $2 at Joann’s (tulle) can create. We already have a face painting kit, a wonderful gift my daughter received for one of her birthdays.

Whole crew
Also love the skeleton costume my sister made and we inherited. A black sweat pant out fit with glued on felt bones. I purchased some glow in the dark fabric paint and outlined the bones.

Now to come up with some recipes for the over 400 pieces my kids managed to bring home in the cold and rain. (Think we will be donating a good part of this)

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