Mother’s Day Gift Deal– Discount Code

Renting a house with another family for vacation can be so much fun. But who wants to have to get changed out of your pj’s before heading down for a cup of coffee. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Maybe you just want a comfortable and yet fashionable set a women pajamas for the house that you won’t be embarrassed if the door bell rings or the kids have sleepovers. Read on to find a solution for all the above and more.

I was thrilled to have been introduced to Uplifting Nighties and given an opportunity to try these womens pajamas first hand.

With several designs to choose from, these woman’s  pajamas offer a built in bra. (something I look for in summer dresses as well) This extra layer of soft fabric in the bra not only offers additional support but also coverage so you won’t be embarrassed to run into your best friends husband in your pajamas.

When I tried on the Knot Short style the kids asked me where I was going. I loved how comfy it felt, not only the softness of the fabric, but the actual fit. I thought the built in bra would have bothered me at night, but I did not notice it at all. It really is cute enough to be in all day.

The back straps allow you to create the perfect fit, no more one size fits all concept. Pajamas are something you wear for at least 8 hours of your day, it should fit as comfortable if not more than your daytime clothes. This is a brilliant concept and yet you don’t look like you have been in them for 8 hours.
The next style of nighties I tried on, were just as cute and comfortable. Get ready for the Pajama party with these pajama twin sets by Uplifiting Nighties. 

Once again they have the built in bra and adjustable straps. I love the colors they come in too.

Men, are you worried about getting the wrong size for your mother or wife for Mother’s Day?  NO worries I just gave my measurements and the women at Uplifting Nighties sent me a perfect fit. Too embarrassed to ask your wife, you can also check on  Uplifting Nighties website for their sizing chart.

Lucky for all CLOSE TO HOME blog readers, Uplifting Nighties is offering a discount code. USE FIFTEEN for 15% off your order. So pass this on to the Mother’s Day gift buyers in your family or treat yourself to some wonderful fitting and feeling pajamas. Check Uplifting Nighties on FACEBOOK and Twitter.


Which style to you prefer?


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  1. I really love the built in bra and they look so casual that I could wear them all day long! Very nice 🙂

  2. Love the Built-in bra feature!! These are very cute.

  3. I love the twin set. How cute and comfy. Plus the purple is a great color on you. Thanks for the review and the discount code.

  4. I’m absolutely addicted to cute pajamas! I’ll be checking out Uplifting Nighties soon – thanks!!! 🙂

  5. This looks great! I love the dress version, super cute!

  6. this is sooo lovely woohoo modeling those nighties