My first HouseParty Event


I was intrigued when I found the website I love to entertain and what a great way to try new products and share with my friends. After several months I was finally accepted to be a host for one of their events. A Thai BBQ Party sponsored by Thai Kitchen.

I was going to be visiting my parents during the event so it would be different than what I expected. Just because I knew I would have more children there than if I was doing a party at home.


My package of goodies was awaiting me when I arrived at my parents house. A big box of sauces from Thai Kitchen. It felt like Christmas my children were thrilled to help me open this heavy box. I had already searched their website for recipe ideas and made up this menu for the event.

On the menu:

Mango Salsa and chips
Lettuce wraps
Chicken Satay
Coconut Rice
Flank steak with Pineapple and mango salsa
Mixed Green salad with Chili Vinegar dressing
Coconut Cupcakes
Strawberry Smoothies

I only needed to purchase a few perishable items and the party was ready to begin. All these recipes are truly easy given the sauces provided. My main concern was the spicy flavors and the kids.

To make it a little festive I used a floral table cloth we used at one of my wedding events and I bought some flowers to show case on the table. My mom happened to have some origami activity books so I was able to have an activity for the kids.



Dinner was quick and easy to make despite the number of dishes on the menu. I made the salsas and started marinating the chicken earlier in the day.
What a surprise they ate most everything without a fuss. The lettuce wraps were a big hit. They came back for seconds.


This was truly a fun experience and hope I will get picked again to find out about new products. I will definitely be making some of these things again. My mom is the lucky one that gets to keep all the extra sauces as I cannot transport them home but I know my husband is going to want to try some of the things I made.


Remember the coconut cake I recently made, I made them into cupcakes and used some of the coconut milk given to me.

Here is my party page for this event with more pictures :

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