Safe Play Makeup for your Children

How many of you have little girls in the house that want to put on makeup like mom? There are several products on the market, mostly you find at the toy stores. Did you know that not all of these play makeup products are safe for your little ones? I’ll be curious what you think of this Safe Play Makeup for your Children. 
Cosmetics intended for children, such as bath products and play makeup, may appear innocent thanks to clever marketing and packaging. However, these trusted products have been shown to contain tons of harmful ingredients, including parabens, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals. 

This holiday season, the champion of all-natural kids products, Ecoprincess, is offering two gift sets that every little princess will cherish (and any parent would trust) — The Ecoprincess Play Makeup Set  is only $24.99   I may seem high for a kids makeup kit, especially compared to others you see at big box toys stores, but this one you can feel comfortable allowing your kids to use.

organic play makeup

I originally thought this would be good from my tween, who is asking for makeup, but when it arrived, it had blue eye shadow. While I am not beauty editor, we figured this was more geared toward the little girls. One of our lucky friends was the recipient of our Ecoprincess Play Makeup Set. Her mother was so excited because she said she will often throw away any makeup her daughter gets from Birthday Parties etc, as they usually say made in China.

organic play makeup

The Ecoprincess Play Makeup set includes…

  • Two all natural mineral Eye Shadows
  • Pink Shimmer Lip Balm made from sunflower oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil.
  • The safest water-based Nail Polish on the planet (peels off with water).
  • Blush made from organic mineral makeup
  • One carrying Purse that any princess will adore! 

Available at>  for $24.99.


How do you feel about the ingredients in your child’s makeup? Will Ecoprincess Makeup kit make the Holiday wish list?

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  1. This is so cute and being natural mineral Eye Shadows it seems everything in it is made with safe products this is a great gift to give at the holidays too

  2. This is the perfect gift for the little girl in my life for Christmas.