New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums

Thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sharing their new pet Vacuums with us to share with you all. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links to the product.

It is  spring which means my golden and my cat will be shedding their winter coast. No matter what type of furry pet, this is a seasonal event that you can’t avoid. Good think BLACK+DECKER announced its entrance into the pet product space. Their new line of home cleaning products is designed specifically for pet owners, integrating pet-specialized anti-tangle beater bars with rubberized bristles to pick up pet hair around the home. I would not give up my golden for any dog and we just deal with the extra hair a few times a year. We thought we would share our experience with the brand new BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* 2in1 Cordless Vacuum.

New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)

Here is the full line of New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums 

  • Cordless Lithium-Ion Hand Vacuums ($69 – $99 MSRP)
  •  20V MAX* 2in1 Cordless Vacuum ($179 MSRP)
  • Lithium-Ion Robotic Vacuums ($349 – $399 MSRP)Cordless Lithium-Ion Hand Vacuums ($69 – $99 MSRP)

Here are the Perks of the New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums

  • Convenient to use for small dust balls of fur
  • Big enough to tackle our throw rugsNew BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)
  • Even though Chloe is not allowed upstairs we track plenty of hair on the stairs. With No cords to deal with on your stairs it is an ease to vacuum up the hair. The vacuum  head easily swivels around furniture too. 

New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)

  • Slim design you can get under chairs and couches, a prime location for stray pet hair

New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)

  • Charge lasted long enough for me to clean entire first floor. Battery is made to last 4 hours. The bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to monitor and empty. Only issue is smaller filter area for collection

New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)

  • SMARTECH Sensing Features™ make cleaning easier: AUTOSENSE™ automatically adjusts suction from bare floor to thick carpet to optimize runtime.
  • BATTERYSENSE™ shows you how much battery remains.
  • FILTERSENSE™ alerts you when its time to clean the filter.
  • POWERBOOST provides more suction with the push of a button

Bring on the fur balls sweet Chloe we are ready to tackle them with the New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums!

New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)

New BLACK+DECKER Pet Vacuums (1)

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