New Liberté Méditerranée Lime and Orange-Mango Flavors

We eat a lot of yogurt in our home. It makes a great go-to breakfast and after school snack for the kids. I love that it is not only a little sweet to satisfy the kids but full of protein as well. I had never heard of Liberte yogurt before being asked by Plateful CoOp to review this product. All the opinions are 100% my own.


Never heard of Liberte’ either, here is LIberte’s product description from their Site: The attention we pay when crafting our sumptuous yogurt is apparent in each spoonful. It begins with our choice of ingredients. The whole milk and cream we select create an indulgently silky texture. The live, active cultures add a layer of deep flavor that is punctuated with bold, real fruit. And as you should expect, we refrain from adding gelatin, sugar substitutes or preservatives.

I tend to purchases the lower fat yogurts at home but was surprised by this rich whole milk yogurt in seven captivating flavors. They have just recently introduced Liberte Mediterranee Lime and Orange-Mango flavors.

Liberte Mediterranee is definitely the way yogurt was intended. It is a rich and smooth yogurt. My kids really enjoyed it and we will definitely be buying this in the future. I found it not only at Target grocery stores but our Martin’s food stores in the organic section.

Do you think your family would like this type of yogurt?




  1. First time for me to be introduced to Liberte’. There’s always yogurt at home so, we just might try this brand. The orange-mango flavor sounds interesting.

  2. I’ve been reconnecting with whole milk and whole milk yogurt — this type of saturated fat may not be bad for us at all. It’s the way nature intended. These yogurts sound yummy, though I only buy plain yogurt myself.

  3. We eat yogurt all the time and this looks so good with flavors I know my family would love. Next time were at Target will have to buy some.

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