New product review–Reynolds Cupcake Liners



I know does not sound that exciting but I saw these at the store and could not resist trying them. Reynolds Baked for You cupcake Liners. How many times have you gone through the effort of buying cute themed liners and you can not see the design well once they are baked. What caught my eye originally was that these  come in some cute styles at our Martin’s grocery store, pirate and monkey/banana which would have been cute for the Chocolate Chip Banana muffins.

My daughter has a class birthday treat this week so It was a perfect excuse. I originally purchased them because they were so dark and she wanted
chocolate cupcakes and in regular pastel colored liners the color comes through.

 But when I got home I read them more closely and they are made not to fade…

I took them out of the package, one con is that they only have 36 which means only 1 1/2 batches of cupcakes. ( a traditional box mix makes 24)
They have a silver lining is what protects the outside liner.

Not knowing how they would cook with the silver interior I put the timer on the lowest time recommended!! Which is usually a good practice when baking!!

They were done in 18 minutes.

Here they are, what are your thoughts?? No staining of the chocolate batter.

Opps this is what happens when I go too quickly. But I get to see how they peel since I can’t send this one to school!!



Had this in my freezer, hard to tell in this one but ghosts look a little yellow, they would be hard to recognize with chocolate batter.



Monday I will be announcing a give away I am so excited!!

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