New Puppy Checklist (Essential Supplies Bringing Home New Dog)

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time for the whole family. Having everything ready and set up for the new fur baby is ideal or else you will be scrambling to find the time to get the stuff you need.  

We have just welcomed our second puppy and found this New Puppy checklist of items so helpful when welcoming your new bundle of joy.  

With only 24 hours notice to bring our pup home, we relied on our past experience of these items you want to make your new puppy experience a little less stressful. 

New Puppy Checklist

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New Puppy checklist Not sure if you all have been checking our Instagram or Facebook but our sweet Chloe died unexpectedly at 7 in January.  Our hearts were broken and we were in shock.  Agreeing to get a new puppy I had started researching reputable breeders with the intention to get a new puppy end of summer timeframe.  Well as unexpectedly as Chloe left us, we ended up with Tippett on Feb 8th. 

what puppies need

New Puppy Checklist ESSENTIALS 

1. An appropriately sized crate. Dogs are den animals, and they love the comfort and security offered by a snug space of their own. You will want a steel crate, so the puppy won’t chew through a soft-sided one. 

Since we don’t want to buy multiple sized crates for our eventually 75 lb dog, you need to find a crate that will fit them full grown.  Be sure to look for one that has a divider so you can expand the space as the pup grows.  If the pup lives in a crate that is too big, they will use the extra room like a bathroom.  Otherwise, dogs do not like to use their “den” as a potty area. 

Don’t forget the crate mat.  We love this Helix Durable Dog mat.  You can wipe it off easily and it is not tempting to chew. 


2. Wire playpen and Baby Gates. Dog pens with wire panels can be configured to any size or shape you might need. They can also be used to block doorways to rooms you’d like to keep off-limits.  Baby gates are great to keep your pup in a small space like your kitchen as they being house broken.   Puppies should not use the stairs to early either, so blocking off these areas can save your dogs hips.


4. Leash and collar. Don’t pick up your pup before buying a leash and collar.  The last thing you want is your dog running off when you get out them out of the car.  Allow your dog to wear their leash around the house to get acclimated to the feel.

3. Dog chew toys.  Puppies will chew anything they can reach, from wood molding to your favorite shoes. Having plenty of dog toys around will get distract him from biting you as well as work those puppy teeth. 

No two dogs like the same toys but some favorite chewing toys are Nylabones, Kong productsdeer antlers and femur bones you can fill with peanut butter and freeze.   Stuffed toys are adorable just be sure they don’t have any plastic eyes or noses. Stay away from your kids stuffed animal collection and consider something with rope filling instead of filling.


5. Bitter apple spray or Hot Sauce in a spray bottle . To keep your dog from destructive chewing, especially furniture,  spray it or coat it with bitter apple, cayenne pepper, or a hot sauce like Tabasco.  Bitter apple spray does not stain the furniture and you can not smell it but your dog does not. 

6. Puppy food and bowls.  Puppies need to eat and drink all day. In fact puppies need to eat three times a day.  Avoid plastic bowls as this is just another chew toy for your dog. Purchase stainless steel dog bowls with non slip bottoms if possible. 


Have you heard of the HERO bowl?  They have a built-in smart silver ion technology. This technology provides the bowl with 24-hour antimicrobial protection, which means the likelihood of a pooch’s bowl getting contaminated with MRSA and/or E.Coli bacteria is pretty much nil.

Hero Bowl for dogs

67% of dog bowls that come out of the dishwasher still have Salmonella present on the surface. Bacteria will continue to thrive unless the surface is continuously resistant to germs, and most dog bowls aren’t. Because the HERO bowl is coated with smart silver ions, it immediately eliminates microbes from coming back after washing. And if that’s not amazing enough—the coating resists bacteria for 25 years, even if scratched or chewed!! 

7. An enzyme cleaner.  Poop happens!  If your puppy has accidents in the house, which they will at first. be sure to clean up their accident immediately. Use a pet specific spray that contains enzymes to eliminate odors dogs can smell reducing the chance they will reuse that area. 

We have used Natures Miracle for years. 

EXTRA Puppy Supplies to Have Eventually 

1. Grooming Tools:

Grooming your dog not only keeps them looking good, but it also builds a bond.  Be sure to start grooming your dog early on so they can get used to it.  We tried these fun  that allows the owner to use both hands to massage and brush their pup.   

Hands on pet gloves

    HandsOn Gloves are carefully designed with hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components which are clinically proven to be safe for use with humans for their pets. These award-winning gloves allow pet owners and their animals to become closer and bond through the grooming process providing a gentle massage with the nodules on the gloves. 

puppy essentials Seat cover

Car Seat Protectors:

If you plan on taking your dog on adventures consider protecting your car with pet cover. Check out the one-stop shop for eco-friendly finds for your new puppy! They offer luxury reusable diapers, wraps, self-heating beds, portable carriers and much more.
  • Luxury waterproof seat cover of heavyweight cloth that protects the back seat of your car from pet fur, dirty and muddy footprints, water, and clawing damage
  • Size is 54″ x 58″; big enough to fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs

Couch/ Furniture Protectors

Second Child syndrome, this pup is allowed on the couch.  Well, prevent dirt, hair, and slobber on your couch by using a furniture cover.   We like this one from The Slipcover Company.   It has side pockets and our pup seems to really like it, maybe too much. 


pet slipcovers




CBD oils and balms are a hot item in the pet world now.  While a puppy should not experience arthritis or cancer at this point, it is nice to have on hand for hot spots.  Check out Innovet’s Hemp Protect Balm

  • Heal. Designed to help pets of all shapes and sizes with skin problems, dermatitis (allergies & hot spots), pain, inflammation, and arthritis.
  • Protect. Fast acting & absorbing for immediate protection. 100% non-toxic (safe to ingest) for those big-time lickers. The best way to give all the potential benefits of hemp to pets that don’t like the flavor of oils or treats.
  • Balm. So many hemp balms contain THC! Not only does this cause major legal confusion in many parts of the world, but THC is toxic to dogs. Our balm is 100% THC-free, 250 mg of full spectrum USDA hemp.  

Protect those precious puppy paws from all types of weather conditions: 
Take time to care for your pet’s tender paws with the all-season, all-natural paw protection of Musher’s Secret, a blend of 100% purest, natural waxes including white and yellow Beeswax, Carnauba wax and Candelilla wax and vegetable oils with Vitamin E. Coat your pets paw with this dense, barrier wax that will absorb quickly and form a breathable bond with your dog’s paw allowing perspiration to escape through their toes.
Save your pets paws and provide them the comfort they deserve in extreme heat and in snow conditions; Musher’s Secret also can speed the healing of an existing sore by keeping debris and dirt out of a wound. For year-round protection provide 1 time per week. Ideal for all kinds of dogs – working, mushing, ski-jorring, hunting, seeing-eye and our pets at home sweet home. Non-toxic and non-allergenic.
Room Sprays to Eliminate Pet Odors
We become nose blind to our own homes and cars.  However, your guests will immediately smell your pet.  Here is an alternative to chemical sprays that not only really refreshes a room with plant-based ingredients, but also offer immediate aromatherapy benefits.
GuruNanda’s new Natural Mist Room Sprays are made with 100% pure and natural essential oils. They come in four exotic blends (Lavender Orange Vanilla, Jasmine Rosemary, Lemongrass Lime Basil and Spearmint Patchouli Cedarwood). There are no artificial fragrances and no chemical propellants. Only $7.99 per spray!

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New Puppy Checklist (Essential Supplies Bringing Home New Dog)

Print this off for your trip to the Pet store when welcoming you new fur baby

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