Olay Total Effects CC Cream Review

The winter blahs have arrived. It’s February and my skin is in need of a boost to get me through until warmer, sunnier days arrive. Well, Oil of Olay, a long-time favorite of many generations, introduces the CC Cream, a product akin to the BB creams you may have been hearing a lot about recently. The CC Cream acts as an anti-aging and beauty balm formula all in one. It’s a tinted moisturizer providing coverage, plus corrective properties to fight the “seven signs of aging”, it contains SPF 15, and comes in three different shades to match your skintone.

I have used the cream for about two weeks and really like it. It’s a great light-weight moisturizer, and that it contains SPF 15 is a bonus – no need for additional moisturizers or sunscreens. I use the fair to light tint daily as “foundation”. The coverage is smooth and the color match is great, it even has a little brightener in it to give you a modest glow. I typically would not wear make-up to the pool or beach because I don’t want it running down my face while I sweat and swim, but since this cream is so light and contains SPF, I would use it during outdoor activity if I wanted a little coverage.

I have my fair share of wrinkles and something I like about this product is that it does not settle into them, making them look more obvious. I also have a slightly oily complexion and the CC cream doesn’t seem to clog my pores or cause breakouts. The tone and color of my skin have looked pretty good since using the product as well.

The price point is reasonable and you get a lot of product in the pump dispenser (one pump is enough to cover my face). It’s a great choice for a fresh look every-day. You can buy the Olay Total Effects CC Cream Buy Here  Find out what others are saying about Olay and their amazing products on

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Written By Emily, Beauty Editor

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  1. I am horrible about taking care of my skin. I used to be obsessed with makeup, and now hardly bother to even wear mascara. I’d have wanted to get back into wearing some but it seems to be too much effort anymore. This product sounds like it will be right up my alley. I have to wear sunscreen in summer, want minimal coverage to even my skintone, and can use all of the anti-aging I can get. Thank you for make me aware of this product, because I do not keep up on these things.

  2. I have tried this before as well and I love it. My face looks even and clear with this one.

  3. I’ve seen this in the store, but due to price, I’m worried about trying it and not liking it. Great post!

  4. I have yet to try a CC Cream. I’m dying to try a CC cream like this.

  5. I recently tried a different brand’s BB cream but it didn’t have SPF so I’m super excited to find out that the Olay CC cream has sun protection plus so much more! Can’t wait to try it!

  6. I love Olay products. I will have to give this a try. They are always affordable.

  7. I have never tried Olay’s CC cream, I have used other Olay products and LOVE them so I will def. have to check this out too 🙂

  8. I have tried a BB cream, might have to try this CC cream next! I like how it moisturizes and offers spf!! Great review!

  9. I have been using Olay products for many years – Their skin care lines are the best! I have not tried this CC cream but every-time I go to the drugstore I find myself stopping to look at it. After reading your review, I will buy a bottle the next time I go. Thank you for such a great review!

  10. I love Olay products! I have been using them for years and love to see new ones.

  11. Ooo I’d love to try this! I’ve seen it in stores, but had yet to purchase. Sounds like a great cream.

  12. nice! I love Olay’s products! Never tried this one, thank you for sharing!