Organic INDIA’s Tulsi Tea

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I am a big tea drinker both hot and cold. Obviously depends on the temperature outside. Until now I have only purchased green tea due to the research I read about it’s benefits. I was recently introduced to Organic INDIA Tulsi Tea. WHAT IS TULSI? TULSI  is a 5,000 year old herb that has been sacred in India, as it was considered to have healing powers. 


Organic INDIA’s Tulsi tea is abundant in antioxidants, offers stress relief, increased energy and a boost to your immune system. While these things are claims, if I am going to drink tea, I might as well try to get some of these benefits. 


I have only tried Organic INDIA Tulsi Tea iced. After you let it steep for at least 5 minutes, I just filled the glass with ice and allowed it to cool, melting additional ice. It definitely has a more powerful flavor than the teas I have purchased in the past. However, I don’t use any sweetener either so I am getting the true herb flavors and smells. 

One box of Tulsi Tea retails for $5.99. You can find more about this product on Organic India’s Website.  Only you can save 20% on Organic India Products by using code kiwi20 online. (This is a one time use coupon) 

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