How to Pamper Your Mothers with ToiletTree Products

Moms there is not getting around the fact that we love to be pampered. We spend endless hours cleaning the house, preparing dinners, changing diapers.. must I go on ladies really? Don’t you love the secret pleasures of a mani or pedi? Why should we feel so guilty about a simple pleasure of sitting down for an hour while someone paints are nails? For the same price as a mani or pedi you can pamper your mothers with this TolietTree Product.

I have never had a high end Skin cleaning brush, so I was thrilled to try the Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System by TolietTree. I have heard such great things about these systems before and had no idea that functions of this. They do know how to pamper mothers.

SO what did I think of this product? I have had acne on my chest since starting this perimenopause stage of my life, just wait young ladies it is coming. I have been using it on my chest for a couple of days and do see a difference in my acne. I tried it on my face a little as well and shocked how soft my skin felt afterwards.

The first thing I noticed about the waterproof unit is how sturdy it is and the easy of use. Since you need to have your  body damp this is a feature that is a must.

Don’t go over board with the cleanser either, just a dab of facial cleanser goes a long way.

Pampering does not stop at facials but helping those tired feet of ours Both Myself and My husband really sees some impressive results from using the pumice attachment on our heals. I do wish the stone was a little larger. Be sure and do this over a tub or in the shower, you will have see it working.

It is waterproof which is really good to clean off those dirty heals from working in Crocs in the garden

Give your mothers the gift of long lasting pampering with this Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System by ToiletTree Products (affiliate link)  Buy it from amazon , I am sure you will want one for yourself too.

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