Are you participating in Giving Tuesday?

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Maybe you are researching Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals but have you heard of Giving Tuesday? It prolongs the idea of Thanksgiving and reminds us that we need to be thankful for what we have and Give it forward a little bit. The day of Giving Tuesday is a day to remember to give, in whatever way you can, and to teach your kids and your family members to give too. Do I have you thinking about participating Giving Tuesday yet?


My husband had a flat tire and was waiting at a 7-Eleven  for AAA to come fix it. He was in line to buy a cup of coffee and a young man, some my husband did not expect, bought him his coffee and said “it looks like you are having a worse day than me”. My husband was shocked but accepted the young man’s gesture.

While this is a simple act, you never know how much impact a simple gesture can have on someone. My mother in law lives in Buffalo, and people have been giving it forward all week. She has had her driveway cleared, food brought to her and simple phone calls from neighbors and friends. 

We also want to encourage that it is special to give directly to people this Giving Tuesday, and I think this would be a great place to highlight the Shah’s fundraiser to help their fundraiser and your friend, Virginia.

With the holiday season approaching and our kids have their eyes on tangible things, why not be examples to them and get them involved in Giving Tuesday. I have a homework assignment for you today at you Thanksgiving table, it is to discuss Giving Tuesday and ask each person what small gesture they might do for someone that day.


If you need help deciding there is a great website , GiveForward.  It is an online tool not only to create your own fundraisers but also to find causes that you can give a little to help out someone else. This website was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger who is supporting the Shah Family Fundraiser.

GiveForward fundraisers work best for:

  • Medical Expenses including travel, medical equipment and service animals
  • Out-of-pocket living expenses that are associated with an illness or injury
  • “Bucket lists” associated with a terminal illness
  • Funeral expenses or memorial funds

I love to know how will you be participating in Giving Tuesday??


  1. I have never heard of this, but I love this idea

  2. What a great idea and a good way to help others and get help through this website. I will have to check it out for giving Tuesday. This is the first that I have heard of it!

  3. Thanks for sharing about this! I’ve never heard of Giving Tuesday before!

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