Enjoying a Gift From Nature

Thanks to CleverGirls and Planters Peanuts for sponsoring this post on the Power of the Peanut. I apologize if you have a peanut allergy, this is not for you.

My husband travels a lot and does not care to eat at the airport. However, this also causes him to miss meals and then get a snack that does not provide any nutrients just empty calories. I have been trying to tell him to enjoy the gift of nature and grab a bag of  peack some from home.&nbsp.
I am not sure how he can go the whole day without eating. I get light-headed and know I need something or I will get crabby. Here he is taking up to 4 flights a day, meeting with clients and being called on his cell phone for answers without any nutrients?


Did you really know the power of the peanut? Check out this new campaign from Planters to learn just what nature has to offer in this small but mighty snack. Have you seen any of the Powerofthepeanut.com new videos out there? You need to check this one out in particular, A Gift from Nature Two perfect halves, in it for the long haul.



I have viewed some criticism from the video, like why would a peanut( you know Mr. Peanut with the hat) encourage you to eat peanuts. Sort of like a particular chicken restaurant that uses a cow as their mascot. I am not sure what a peanut’s counterpart would be? Do you have any ideas? 

But really this campaign is really about what a big impact a small little peanut can give to you and best of all it is not processed but a gift from nature. If I have a big workout or come of the tennis courts and it is not quite time for a meal, I am going to start grabbing a handful of peanuts because I know this is not empty calories but calories that will keep me going and provide my body with nutrients my body needs.


SO next time you pass the nut aisle at the grocery store, think of the Planter’s Peanut Spokesperson, and “get wholesome” and remember the best food comes from Nature.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. that is a great idea and super stocking stuffer:)

  2. Peanut is very nutritious and mighty snack, we buy lots Planters Peanuts before Christmas and make little pouches for kids, everyone loves them.

  3. Too funny to eat by handful or to make something?

  4. I am not sure how he does it either I always new snacks and can tell when I get hungry

  5. Maybe the raisin just funny to watch a peanut ask to eat more peanuts

  6. Made peanut butter pie squares tonight what a coincidence

  7. Unfortunately with all the peanut allergies we can’t send those in for snack. They get it on Roadtrips and during sports

  8. I am impressed you have not surpressed those memories love to see a pic you should send it to planters

  9. I love planters peanuts as well when I buy other brands just don’t taste the same

  10. HAHA!!!! When I was young (back in the early 1970s), my mom made matching Mr. Peanut shorts for my brothers and me. Humiliating — even then, a bit embarrassing. I don’t hold it against Mr. Peanut though. 🙂

  11. I love Planter’s peanuts. Dry-roasted is still my favorite and the cashews are a close second. I am so glad they are still around!

  12. I love buying the box of individual packets. My son takes them to school and practices for a snack!

  13. I love peanuts! And peanut butter…and Reeses cups…..ok now I am hungry!

  14. Huge fan of the peanuts! not sure who the counterpart is either? would it be the raisin?

  15. Four flights a day is a lot and doing tons of work and meeting with people is a lot more. I also can’t imagine not eating during all that time and doing so much. I’m also one to get light-headed and crabby if I go too long without eating. We love peanuts and always have some in the house, often in a myriad of varieties. Hello, vibrant good-for-me nutrients!

  16. I love peanuts and yes they do and can give you extra energy when you need it. Great when you have no time to eat

  17. Just went out and bought some peanuts today!! Love these lil babies =)