Prepare Your Dog and Cat Sitter with A Free Pet Sitter Printable

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As much as we love our pets, we can’t always take them on family vacations with us. While we have taken Chloe with us on vacation, we have never attempted to take our cat. Therefore, we always need to find a reliable Cat sitter when we head out of town for a few days. My daughter always is pet sitting, and I often see the hand written notes about the daily needs of the pets she is watching. This made me start thinking about creating a printable that we could just fill out quickly and give to our pet sitters.

 Prepare Your Dog and Cat Sitter with A Free Pet Sitter Printable

You can keep all the important info permanently on your sheet like the Vet’s name etc, but change other needs like recycling day. 

pet sitter check list

When you head out of town it is best to start with a clean litter box so you don’t scare away your cat sitter. We recently tried TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter from PetSmart. It was totally light and it keeps the stink out of the litter box with this NEW dye and fragrance free litter option that does more than mask pesky odors- it works to destroy them thanks to the odor-absorbing power of activated charcoal.

pet sitter check list


While you are picking up new litter for the pet sitter, be sure to spend more time at PetSmart, your one shop store for anything pet related. The staff is so helpful and many locations have either an on-site grooming salon or Banfield veterinarian services. Get your dog signed up for obedience training courses while you are there as well. Pick up an extra bag of pet food too, you definitely don’t want to run out while you are out of town. 

The cat section at our PetSmart was HUGE:  Spoil your cat while you are gone and pick up some extra fun treats or toys for your cat too, they wont miss you as they explore a new cat hotel!

pet sitter check list

Feeling guilty you are leaving for a long time, pick your cat prince or princess a new bowl, collar or cozy bed. 

pet sitter check list

With all this extra free time from not having to run from store to store and constantly clean out the litter box, Chloe and I thought we would pamper ourselves. Well she took the lead. 

pet sitter check list

pet sitter check list


For a limited time your readers can Buy one (1) 35-lb. TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter at PetSmart, and Get one (1) $5.00 code for Spa Session (one transaction, 1/8 through 4/8/18). Tell your readers to send a photo of their PetSmart TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ purchase receipt to 30364 with the code “GIFT” in the message portion, between January 8th, 2018 and April 8, 2018, and they’ll receive a special $5 Spa Session gift card! Find more about this PetSmart offer: 

pet sitter check list

Download and print your free dog and cat sitter: Pet Sitter Sheet 

What would you add to our dog and cat sitter printable? 

Dog and cat sitter printable

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  1. We’ve used Tidy Cats forever but last time my husband tried generic, I told him never again… Tidy Cats is the only brand to buy. Great printable list, will print it out when our neighbor helps us out with the cat.

  2. I’ve never tried that brand, but I really should give it a go. I love the printables too. That would ease my mind a lot.

  3. great ideas. We don’t have pets, but I remember the family I used to babysit for always had trouble with their cats when they went away

  4. This post is adorable. Your printout is just the right thing.

  5. We bring our dogs with us everywhere but the cat doesn’t travel, and I feel guilty for it sometimes. I try to make up for it by leaving a detailed list of routines and needs with the pet-sitter. This is such a cute little printable! #client

  6. That is sooo cute! I may have to plan a vacation just so I can use the printable with my dog sitter. It can be hard to leave your pets behind.