How to Use Dried Acorns For Fall Decor and Fall Crafts

You probably already read How to Preserve Acorns For Fall Decor and now we want to share how to your dried acorn in your fall decor and crafts.

We have tons of trees in our yard, so come early fall we have a ton of acorns laying around the yard.

If you don’t have your own trees you could probably go to a city park or a neighbors house and they would gladly allow you to clean up their yard of Fallen acorns.

Crafts using dried acorns


Before we share our fall craft ideas,  here’s a quick refresher tutorial on how to Dried Acorns.

1. Gather and Sort

Gather up as many acorns as you can find. Be sure to go thru your box of acorns and dispose of any that already have holes or are broken.

crafting with acorns

2. Clean

Wash the dirt off the acorns, this was easy for me since it had rained the day before.

how to preserve acrons


Find the final steps here: Decorating and Preserving Acorns for Fall Decor




Spruce up your Fall Decor with Fall Crafts Using Acorns

I did not preserve these but here is an easy way to display a few candles on a table for a great fall centerpiece. 

wine glass candle holders


Fill some wine glasses with a mini fake pumpkin and several acorns, turn over and add a candle.


wine glass fall centerpiece

Fill any glass jar with acorns and candles. I like to use electric candles so they don’t drip any wax onto the acorns.


If you are lucky to find some acorns still attached to the twigs, remove the leaves and place them in a vase for a fun arrangement.

When my dried they fell off so you definitely want to hot glue them on.


I also dried some Chinese Laterns I grew which also add wonderful Fall Colors into your fall decor.

chinese laterns

Whatever you chose to do to create a warm fall atmosphere in your home check out these other Fall DIY like this Decorating and Preserving Acorns for Fall Decor or  Easy DIY Fall centerpiece post.

Will you be crafting with dried acorns this fall?

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