How To Teach your kids Keyboarding

If you kids are starting to take over your computer like mine, that you will want to protect those keyboards from sticky fingers and more importantly crumbs falling inbetween the keys. I was recently introduced to iskins, a provided a product to review. All the opinions are 100% my own.


iSkin a premium brand of fashion and technology lifestyle accessories, announces stylish and functional keyboard protection with its new lineup of ProTouch keyboard protectors. ProTouch helps to protect the keyboard on the MacBook, MacBook Pro (Retina) and MacBook Air 13” as well as the Apple keyboard that comes with the iMac. It quickly and easily overlays the keyboard, creating an effective barrier against daily hazards.


ProTouch is designed to offer effective protection against food spills, dust, dirt, hair, fur and other impurities that could lodge between the keys and cause permanent damage. It’s engineered to wrap each key individually for a natural, barely-there typing feel. ProTouch is made from a pure, ultra-thin silicone that’s BPA-, phthalates- and lead-free. This makes it ideal for use with small children and those with hypersensitive immune systems.

iSkin covers retail for $24.99 and I think they are a necessary expense to keep your keyboard lasting. Plus I will be giving the larger print  or Visual Assist Keyboard Protector to my parents, or maybe I should keep it for myself since I just recently needed to purchase readers myself.


iSkin released its first ProTouch keyboard protector in 2004 and it quickly became the standard for Apple keyboard protection. Unlike plastic-based keyboard covers, the ProTouch does not warp with use or become cracked or yellowed with time. In fact, it may be removed and washed with liquid detergent and hot water for reuse. You can’t wash out your keyboard!!

proTouch Visual Assist Keyboard Protector
Compatible with:

MacBook Pro 15″ / Retina 2010-2013
MacBook Pro 13″ / Retina 2010-2013
MacBook Air 13″ / 2009 or later
Apple Wireless Keyboard 2007 or later
iMac Wired Keyboard 2010 or later

How do you protect your apple computer from food spills?

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