How to remove odors from your car

This is a Sponsored post  How to remove odors from your car written by me on behalf of PERK. All opinions are 100% mine.

I never thought I would have one of those cars that smelled when you entered, but after carrying around athletic equipment and golden retriever and multiple kids after sports, I now have that car. Long gone are the days of those air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror. Check out these Vent Wrap  and learn how to remove odors  & freshen up your car without anyone realizing it. 

Perk air fresheners

So what are these Vent Wraps? They small and subtle vent air freshener   that you can place on any vent in the car to disguise any funky smells.

  Here are a few Benefits of PERK Vent Wrap:

  • • NEW vent air freshener that is discreet when placed on the vent
  • • NEW StediScent® technology delivers fragrance that is just right!
  • Individually wrapped packs hold in the fragrance until you are ready to release it

IMG_0783 • Easy to use – nothing to pull, click or put together – just slide it onto the vent blade and go! IMG_0784

  •  Unique design
  •   Doesn’t block air flow
  • Allows vent to function as intended (vent can be adjusted with product on it unlike other vent air fresheners)
  •  No liquid to leak or spill
  •  4 pack = 60 days of fragrance (around 2 full weeks of fragrance per Vent Wrap)

IMG_0781 • Great fragrances (revitalizing Lush Valley, cool Absolute Zero, delicious Golden Vanilla, fresh Clean Laundry, and smooth New Car)

I placed one in the car and really they are not overwhelming, especially if you place it in a vent in the back of the car, at least for me that is where the smells are coming from. My least favorite was Vanilla as I think that smelled too much like a freshener.


Where to purchase – Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target, and other retailers that sell automotive air fresheners

Be sure to Like PERK on Facebook and see what others think about this product. I think Taxis need to have a mandate to have these in their cars too!!

How do you remove odors from your car? 

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  1. My car needs a fresh scent

  2. My car needs Perk Vent Wraps because it smells like my dog!

  3. I need it because I love that new car smell. Thanksû

  4. I need Perk Vent Wrap because I have two smelly boys (6 and 3) that seem to attrack dirt and smells everywhere we go.

  5. I need it because I have 8 kids who ride in the van and in between spilled bottled waters, left over food, shoes from stinky feet, etc.. we definitely need help.

  6. I need the Perk Vent Wraps because my dog is so very stinky and he makes my car smell like dog. Thank you.

  7. My car needs a Perk Vent Wrap because I have babies and there are always smells in there (dirty diapers etc)

  8. I need it because I usually have my dog ride with me..

  9. I need the perk vent because my car smells musty. I would like to cover this up until I can open my windows again 🙂

  10. between smelly feet, funky food odors and chemical smell from hubby’s work clothes and boots his car most definitely needs some Perking up 🙂

  11. My car needs a Perk Vent Wrap because I sometimes take my dog for a ride.

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