What are the rules for Flowers you can give on any Occasion?

Flowers are a globally accepted way of saying lots of things from “Happy Birthday” to “I’m sorry”, and “I love you”. If a bouquet of flowers is well chosen then it is going to be well accepted and appreciated. But how do you choose the right flowers to buy? Or do you in fact even have to buy them? This post about what are the rules for Flowers you can give on any Occasion is brought to you from our sponsors.


The most important thing to remember is that the thought that has gone into the floral gift is more often than not just as important as the flowers themselves. For instance if you are giving flowers as a way of saying sorry it’s probably not a good idea to just pick some up from a local gas station. This seems like a slightly desperate measure and one that hasn’t involved a lot of imagination.

Think about the season
If you want to capture the time of year with your gift, especially during a colorful and exciting season such as spring, then a good way of doing so is selecting impressive blooms from your own back yard. This doesn’t make you seem cheap it actually makes it seem that you have spent time and effort in selecting the best flowers and putting them together in a creative and decorative bouquet. Obviously not everyone can do this so you may want to visit a reputable florist and take a look at the seasonal blooms they have on offer.
Go for a favorite
Many people assume that roses are an excellent choice of flower to buy, especially for any romantic occasion, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, they are beautiful blooms, but most people would prefer to receive a present of flowers that they love. This shows that the person giving the flowers has taken time the time to consider their likes and dislikes. It’s not just about the flowers but also about the sentiment behind them.
Think about the size

It may seem like a great idea to give a huge bouquet of flowers to someone but that isn’t always the case. A small bunch of freesias that look beautiful, and have a distinctive aroma, can be just as good to present. It can certainly be a more practical floral presentation, especially if the flowers are being presented at a location away from the home address of the recipient, such as their workplace.

You need to consider the fact that they have to be able to get the blooms home with them. If they are traveling on public transport, or if it is likely that they will have other items to carry, this is not always easy.
If you are going to give flowers to a person, for any occasion, the thought that you put in is often the most important thing. Try to think outside the box and consider opting for something that isn’t necessarily traditional but suits the personality and the likes and dislikes of the person receiving the display.

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