Secrets to a Successful Garden

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.

I found this wonderful garden on Pinterest and I wish I had more room in my yard to have this great space. I have one 9×4 raised garden bed in an unconventional spot, my front yard. It is hidden slightly from the road but it is the best place for sun.

Well having enough sun is only one factor for to a successful garden. I would love to garden as organically as possible. So it is important to me to have organic soil and organic plant food to nourish my plants.

 I was recently introduced to Whitney Farms® organic products. They have been in the gardening business for 25 years and their products provide such benefits as low or no dust, no manure odor, (important to keep my dog out of the garden), they contain beneficial microbes to help your plants stay nourished and strong.

In the past I have purchased products for my garden and shouldn’t I be worried when the product suggests I wear gloves and wash my hands after handling. What is this doing to my food?

Think of the money you can save on organic produce at the market if you maintain your own organic garden.

I also find comfort in knowing they produce their organic plant food with nothing artificial just things from the earth to grow big and strong plants.

Not sure if you want to try this on your garden? Whitney Farms® is offering a $3 coupon to try out their product. But really how can you go wrong with an organic product like this tomato and vegetable food item. 

So go nourish your soul and your body with fresh grown food that your wont be worried about getting your hands dirty with.




  1. Danielle, depending on where you live it may not be to early. Plus you can buy transplants so you won’t be that far behind. Don’t give up

  2. I wanted to start a garden this season but I think I’m a bit too late. I’ve never heard of this brand but I’ll keep it in mind for next year!

  3. I just heard about Whitney Farms stuff and it sounds really awesome! And I love that garden, too!

  4. I enjoy gardening and I love the idea of using organic products. I will have to give this line a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

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