Great Gift for Artists of all Levels Smart Art Box

This post about great gift for artists of all levels is brought to you by Smart Art Box subscription boxes.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Do they have any interest in creating art? No matter what level of expertise, the Smart Art Box is a great subscription box to keep the creative juices flowing. Just think of the delight on the face of your gift recipient as they open a box of great art materials each month.


The Smart Art Box is sesigned for artists and those who want to learn, the Smart Art box finds the artist’s spark in everyone. Each box is built with a specific goal in mind, to bring you an experience that you’ve longed for. Achieved by bringing our own love for art and everything you need to create the art that brings you serenity and peace of mind.

Our box for February included all the supplies needed to create a festive Mask. From great quality paint brushes to a thick cardboard mask. I have had many other art kits and this by far exceeded my expectations. I know these brushes, if cleaned properly will last for years to come.

Each box comes with step by step instructions to create the project, of course they encourage you to create your own designs, it is really about the techniques they are sharing.

Smart Art provides artists with diverse high quality materials that inspire and nourish creativity. Each month subscribers receive a new box featuring:

  • A different artist that highlights their time period
  • 8 or more FULL SIZED art supplies
  • A unique project
  • A pamphlet detailing a new art medium
  • starts at $49.95 but lower if you order multiple month subscription

Here is our finished mask. I love that they included a glitter glue to add another dimension to the masks.

smart art box2

What is also fun about the Smart Art Box is you can enter your finished product for prizes and search hashtags to see what others have created to see how you compare and/ or to get inspiration for your own project.

Here is another example of previous Smart Art Box. 

So next time your lost on gift ideas, consider the Smart Art box for that artist in your life.

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