Soda Sparkle–Holiday gift guide item for great Holiday drinks

This is what came to our house last week and the kids were going crazy. SodaSparkle Compact Home Soda Maker SUPER Starter Kit with 2 Eco-Friendly BPA Free Bottles , a home soda maker. The kids are going to go crazy as we don’t drink that much soda but do let them indulge in all the flavored water they want:)  They think they are drinking soda if it has bubbles:)

So what makes this different from the other Home Soda Maker on the market? This one comes with 2 bottles so you can control the amount of sparkle based on the amount of water. No guessing if you pressed too many times. The other smaller bottle has stronger carbonation and I find it nicer to use with some of the flavors that came with the starter kit. Basically you put one of the metal cartridges that contain the CO2 in the top and screw it on the bottle. As you turn it , the carbonating starts and is actually over before you know it. You are then supposed to shake the bottle to get some more bubbles I guess and that’s it. Super easy although I could not get the cartridge out but thanks to my 9 year old we did!! You do have to order more cartridges as they are one per bottle but the price is cheaper than a 2 litter of soda from the grocery store.

Also This one comes with individual CO2 cartridges so you don’t have the cumbersome machine that you need to keep on your counter. Great for beach trips etc. No more lugging big bottles of soda up stairs and filling up the recycle bin. Amazon has them for about .50 cents a cartridge.

The soda sparkler also came with individual flavors packets so everyone in the house can make a different flavored drink. As you can see from this photo. The flavors are made in Australia so you get flavors like Lychee and pineapple. The flavors that came with the product were not your regular soda you would find in the supermarket. They smelled like fresh fruit. There is no sugar in the flavors but they did taste sweet without giving me an aftertaste. Not my kids favorite so I used flavorings from another soda maker and it worked just fine.

A nice refreshing glass of sparkling water using the filtered water from home so I know just where it came from. You can see what other flavors they have on the SodaSparkle website. They do sell full bottle varieties as well.

The kids went crazy for it as well. I am not sure about your kids but mine love drinking from straws. Check SodaSparkle  out on facebook too.

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  1. My kids are the same way…bubbles = soda! I need one of these at my house since I don’t let them drink soda very often.

  2. I think I will stick with Soda Stream,but I guess for sparkling water it is ok

  3. It does seem interesting. I’m sure my kids and I would love the process of making our own drinks too. I’d be okay with it taste more like carbonated water too.

  4. I like the idea of home made soda and am intrigued by this little gem! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I have one too and really love the convenience of it! These are great!

    Brenda W.

  6. Interesting, didn’t know there was more than one. Thanks for the review!

  7. My kids loved ours. It’s natural flavoring so I was happy and they felt like they were getting an extra special treat. 🙂

  8. So, it really is more like flavored/carbo water, then. Huh..