St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes with a little trick too!

I received an email for a grasshopper cake recipe. I thought that would be a great idea but did not want a full cake sitting around and also thought I could use a similar concept with cupcakes.

Even though I am only Irish by marriage, I love the trick playing of this holiday. Don’t get me wrong when I was younger I went on pub crawls but as a mother of three that is not that realistic.
I thought I would make a few cupcakes just plain with green frosting for them to taste the day or so before St. Patrick’s Day and then some on St. Patrick’s Day with a green twist. So you might want to try to make these without the kids watching if you want to surprise them!!
For my family I decided to make only 12 cupcakes and freeze a 9 inch circle for another occasion.
All you need is your
  1. Favorite yellow or white cake recipe or box mix as I used
  2. Green food coloring
  3. White icing can or homemade
  4. Peppermint extract (optional)
  5. Green sprinkles (optional)
I made the recipe per the box but kept out about 1 cup of batter. I dyed it green with the food coloring.(you can also flavor it with peppermint if desired)

Then I added it to the top of 6 cupcakes. Next time I would add a little plain cake batter, a little green and then top it off with plain cake batter. Swirl the batters only slightly with a toothpick and bake according to the recipe.

After the cupcakes have cooled, add a teaspoon or so of peppermint extract to the frosting if you family likes that flavor and tint with more food coloring. You could also only flavor half of the frosting to trick the kids even more!
Frost the green cupcakes first so you don’t get them mixed up and add some green sprinkles if desired. Frost the other ones and make a little different pattern so they are not confused. I did not add sprinkles to the plain ones and told my kids that the other ones were more decorative for ST. Patrick’s Day.
When the kids get a taste of the cupcakes the day or so before they will just be eating a plain cupcake.
After the Leprechauns have had their fun, the kids will find a green surprise in their cupcakes too!! How did those clever Leprechauns do that!!

Have a great ST. Patrick’s Day as aren’t we all a little Irish on this day? Also come visit the St Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl.


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