Star Wars Party–Part 1- Invitations

It is funny how children can get hooked on different things, even with minimal exposure. There was no question that my now 5 year old wanted a Star Wars party even though he had never seen the movies.

Exposure from books and action figures brought about this obsession. I must admit I was a Star Wars Fan back in the late 70’s 80s when the original 3 were released. I remember as an adult when they were re-released hopping movie theaters with my mom to watch 2 episodes.

I searched on line for invitations and found a few ideas through both etsy and ebay and decided to blend the two.

What most kids think about when they think of Star Wars is Light Saber duals.

What you need for these:

Silver shimmer card stock
Card stock in green, blue or red (depending on whether you like the dark or light side!)
Duck Tape  rolls or sheets in red, blue and black, I found these at Ben franklin and they are the best. You could also used colored tape.

Printer paper for inside details
Document size envelopes
    Simply cut out a rectangle about 7 1/2 by 4 1/4inches of the shimmery paper. This is you handle. Fold in half.

Cut out a light saber shapre from the colored paper about 10″ x 3 1/2

Glue light saber inside the folded silver card.

Create the details of the party, I used graphics I found on line for star war legos and you can also find star wars fonts on line.

Our Details went like this.
“Yoda has called out to Padawan “birthday Boy” to seek out future Jedi…
You were selected

The Trials are being held at Address, date time

Notify the council of your attendence

Decorate the out side of the handle with 3 black strips of tape and 2 blue dots.

Use the document envelopes and I folded them in half since the invitations seemed so small inside.

 Add a few stickers addressed to the Padawan guest.

There will be no question what the party theme will be for this one.

Party Details in next post.

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