Stuffed Flank Steak in the Crock Pot

I have never dreamed of trying a steak, let alone a flank steak in a crock pot. I mentioned before that I had bought the cookbook Make it Fast, Cook It Slow. The idea of Apples and feta made me very happy and why not try it in a slow cooker.
The filling is actually enough to put extra on a mixed green salad as a side dish. Wow one effort chopping, 2 dishes. 

 Not sure why you could not make it this far and put it in your fridge until you were ready to turn on your crock pot…. Also notice you do not have to peel your apples.

This is the hardest part and obviously proof I have never done anything like this

This was good but next time I might put it in the oven to control the doneness as I
really like my meat medium rare. While this cooking I made the Easy Risotto at the same time!
Overall a tasty meal and little fuss once you do all the chopping.
Stuffed Flank Steak 

–1 or 2 pieces of flank steak

–1/2 cup honey

–1/2 cup soy sauce 

–1 green apple

–1/3 cup raw almonds

–1/2 block feta cheese

–2 chopped garlic cloves
You can find the rest of the recipe HERE and the book here.


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