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I was provided a promotional item from Mom IT Forward and Filtrete to complete this post. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own. Who thinks you can get sick in the summer? Well I did and have been dealing with it for 10 days now. I stopped taking my allergy medicine after the tree pollen stopped falling, or so I thought. But do I have a summer cold or Summer Allergies? We try to prevent allergens in the home by using Allergen Defense Filtrete Filters.

summer cold


With a furry dog, just check out the hair I vacuumed up this am. Can you say DANDER. Every time I brush her we joke that it is enough for a little dog. I don’t think my illness that started off as a sore throat , turned into a nasty cough and now just sinus pain and wet cough is due to her. 


I do feel that the Filtrete filters do their job to help the air quality in our home. Although we only use them in the downstairs system. WE have our windows closed so much in the spring due to outdoor allergens that it is important to have good air quality in our home thru our vents.


Since my hubs and I are getting away soon, I went to the Dr. after 10 days of just dealing with my symptoms and trying to overcome them with OTC medications. Well, good thing I went to the Dr., he thinks I have a sinus infection as subscribed antibiotics. Just in time.

He also suggested a few tips to get some relief from the sinus pain and mucus and thought I would share this with you. 

1. Use a nasal flush like a ped-pot or the automatic Sinus cleaner.

2. Use a Nasal Spray once a day to relieve the swelling in the sinuses. (he prescribed one for me)

3. Drink a lot of fluids,  this will help relieve some of the congestion

4. Rest as much as you can, summer with 3 active kids, good luck.

5. Take basic cold steps, washing hands often, no smoking, throw away any used tissues away after use.

So I am hoping for  a quick recovery so I can enjoy some great nights away from the kids while they are at overnight camp. I hope I did not give them the virus and we will be getting a phone call home.


Be sure you have good air quality during cold and allergy relief!
Here are the available Filtrete Filters to help with your Allergies or Cold:
• Odor Reduction MPR 1200
• Allergen Defense MPR 1000
• Healthy Living MPR 1500
• Healthy Living MPR 1900

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