Surprise guests…what’s in your fridge?

Nothing says unexpected guests or spontaneous dinner party than the holiday season. The next big question is, what are you going to serve or bring along as a contribution? Leftovers, goldfish crackers or canned beans in the pantry?

On a recent trip to Costco, without a list of course, I found some great things to keep in the fridge/freezer just for these times. With anything you plan on “keeping” as a spontaneous dish, always look at the expiration dates. I so often pick something up to later find the expiration date that day. I picked up the 5lb bag of carrots this trip but fortunately caught it before I left, it expired that day. That would be a lot of carrots!!

All the items I found have January expiration dates and I can definitely vouch for tasting 3 out of 5 of these products, one thanks to a recent unexpected dinner at our house that 2 of these items came in handy. The guests had the palmetto cheese in their fridge!

Starting with the one I did not try but looks like a tasty and quick appetizer. This package comes with 2 toppings for brie. Just add crackers and you have a elegant dish. Costco just has the very large wheel of brie so I figured I could slice it in half and have enough for both toppings. (2 different occasions right here)

Of course hummus and pita crackers are always a hit.

This is the Palmetto Cheese spread that was brought to my house recently. Loved it so much I purchased it for my arsenal. Serve with crackers that we usually all have in our pantry, it was devoured with by 4 adults.

I do not have a picture of this product as I made this pizza a while ago. I had purchased the fresh bruchetta from Costco for an appetizer and had some left over. Having nothing for dinner one night, I made some pizza dough–or purchase some, added some fresh mozzarella I had on hand and my kids said it was the best pizza they have had…

Now for Dessert.  
I purchased these for guests over Thanksgiving. It makes 24 small cannoli. Since we only used 12, I froze both the shells and cream together in a large Ziploc bag. When our “unexpected” dinner party began, I threw the cream into the microwave on defrost for a minute. Just watch it. It was perfect. If it gets too melted. Just place back in fridge or freezer for a bit. So easy and very tasty.

What do you like to have in your pantry/fridge for these times. Comment and share with the rest of us.


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