Taco Tuesday Tex Mex Recipe Ideas from Pinterest

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My family loves Tex Mex  or Hispanic food, not only for the flavors but also how quickly we can make some of the everyday dishes. I also love how flexible the recipes can be. For example, the taco recipe might call for ground beef, but your family is trying to eat less red meat, no worries you can easily substitute ground turkey, chicken etc with the same recipe. This type of cooking makes everyday meals at our home easy and flavorful. Taco Tuesday usually has some different flavor to the traditional taco.

When heading out to a Hispanic Restaurant it can be kind of confusing as to what each dish really is. I am sharing this infographic provide you all with a visual of what you might be ordering. Did you know a Torta was really a sandwich or that Flan was a custard dessert?


Here are some of my favorite hispanic recipes I found on Pinterest when looking for dinner tonight!.

Cooking Basics in a Mexican Kitchen

Chile Rellenos

Taco al Pastor

Caramel Flan


Corn and Black Bean Chicken Enchiladas

Easy Mexican Lasagna

Torta de Carne Asada


What is your favorite hispanic food? Do you like to make it at home or head to a hispanic restaurant? 

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