The Cupcake Cake

The kids and I wanted to make their father a birthday cake. Knowing he was going to only be home briefly and not while the kids were awake to sing etc. I had to decide on how to make the cake without having it leftover for me to just sit and eat all week by myself. Since I was doing the baking process with my 3 year old there was some negotiation to do. He wanted big cake instead of cupcakes and I was thinking leftover cupcakes can freeze up for another occasion…

Here is what I decided to do and thought it was a great tip for those of you not wanting a double layered cake sitting around your kitchen over lent especially! I was crunched for time so I made a packaged mix and I filled 6 jumbo muffin tins with batter for the “cake” and then used st. patrick’s day cupcake holders in regular sized muffin tin. If using a cookie scoop to divide your batter, I found 2 batter scoops work perfectly for the jumbo muffin tins.

Since the kids were going to want their share tonight before dad got home, I made 2 separate cakes to enjoy and decorate. By frosting the cupcakes and putting them together it made them feel it was a big round cake!! 

 Using the frosting doodle you can decorate your plate as you would a round cake.

Since the kids chose green frosting I could not resist to make the other cake a clover, in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.

Simply put your cupcakes in a freezer bag and you can defrost them on your counter top when you need them. Not only did I save myself the guilt of the leftover cake, I have 12 cupcakes in the freezer to pull out next month for St. Patrick’s day….Have any fun decorating ideas.


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