The Ultimate BBQ Gift Basket

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My husband and I share the BBQ responsibilities at our house although he considers himself the grill master! He bought himself a heavy-duty grill a few years ago and it is about the size of a Volkswagen. Needless to say I believe any dad loves new tools whether for his work bench or his BBQ. I have put together the ultimate BBQ gift basket. This is a great hostess gift, birthday present or get ready for summer gift.

bbq-gift-basket I was recently introduced to Grate Chef products and was truly impressed. All of the Grate Chef Products are designed for the everyday backyard griller. All of their products work on all types of grills, charcoal, gas, electric.

As part of our grilling gift basket I have included 3 of their products that I found really useful. First,  Grate Chef’s stainless steel Wipes. I know my husband has not spend much time cleaning the outside of his grill.They come in a handy resealable pouch.


Just wipe down your grill and then come pack with a cloth and buff it. It took off a lot of dirt that I couldn’t really see so now the grill is sparkling again! You can use these on any stainless steel appliance.

Now that the outside is clean let’s heat things up. Don’t you hate the flavor lightening fluid leaves on your food? If you don’t have a gas grill or maybe you are going out camping, grab some Grate Chef fire starters. These are easy to use and eliminates that awful smell and taste. We used them in our fire pit but will take with us to the beach where they have a charcoal grill. Flame too high once you go it started? 


Now that you have the heat on, let’s get grilling right? A lot of grilling recipes suggest oiling the grill grates. I have never done this before. Well, now you not only get oils grates but these also clean them with Grate Chef Non-stick Grill Wipes. I purchased a long handle grate cleaner in our basket which is great for using these pads.


Simply attach a grill wipe to your grate cleaner and rub on your grates. The excess burnt pieces come off and now you have an oiled grilling surface. No more stuck food. The non-stick grill wipes are a great tool to make grilling easier.


Be sure to add an assortment BBQ sauce or rubs, either homemade BBQ Sauce or from the store to get the party started!


To add Grill Grate Products to your gift basket either buy online or at one of these store locations  What else would you add to your ultimate BBQ gift basket?


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  1. Grill baskets sound like a great gift especially if you are going to someone’s 4th of July party and don’t want to arrive empty handed 🙂

  2. That is an insanely clever idea for a gift basket!!!!

  3. Those wipes seem to work so well! I wish I would’ve seen this post a few weeks ago. My Father-in-law just had a birthday and he is the grilling master of the family. Would’ve been a great birthday gift!

  4. We have never oiled the grates but we probably should. I am not sure that I would add anything else to the basket. My husband would love these products.

  5. Oh that is a seriously amazing Grill basket! This would be perfect for the hubs since he loves to grill!!

  6. never thought about camping, what a great idea!! maybe not in a basket but a plastic container:)

  7. I know Liz, I read to do this on so many recipes and never think to do it

  8. What a great basket for the summer and perfect for camping!

  9. I love anything that makes clean up easier! The wipes look awesome.

  10. This would be perfect for the 4th of July and for anyone who loves to BBQ!

  11. That is a great basket. We could use the grill wipes,

  12. I LOVE this idea especially for the Summer time! We go to several BBQ’s during this time of year and this would be such a nice little gift to give to the host.

  13. That would be a perfect gift for my hubby! He is the grill master in our house 🙂