Uses For Halloween Candy-Snicker Brownie bites

If you kids are like mine, they are so excited about their loot for the first couple of days, counting, sorting and eating as much as I will allow. Well it is time for mom to go trick or treating in their bags and start using it in baking now or storing them for a later recipe.
Also don’t toss that bowl of 2 1bs of Candy corn. They make great turkey feathers. I will post our creations soon. Also the whoppers can be used for faces of turkeys.
Most any non-chocolate candy will be a great addition to a gingerbread house. There are no rules you have to stick with the candy that the box kit supplies. Tootstie rolls make great logs, suckers are light posts, you can melt down starbursts and roll them for drapes or doors. Just to think of a few.

Freeze any chocolate candy up to three months in a ziploc bag, not only does a frozen snickers bar taste better than room temperature they will be out of sight.

Today I needed to make a treat for the final soccer games. I usually bring cupcakes but thought how could I use up some of this candy. We had a large amount of snickers this year so we made Snicker Brownie bites. This idea was adapted from Women’s Day. Instead of making the brownie from scratch as the recipe suggested I used a family size box of Brownie mix.

 Make them per the box directions. Place mini-paper liners in your mini muffin pan. Add a generous tablespoon of batter to each liner. Put a mini or cut up to the size of a mini snickers bar in each. Make sure to press them to the bottom of the pan. The recipes says to then sprinkle with M& M baking chips, however I added a little more batter to cover each snicker and just topped with regular M&M’s. Bake them for 10-15 minutes if you dont add the extra batter and 16-18 minutes for the larger ones. Don’t worry if the snickers overflow. I made about 34 mini bites, if you dont add the extra batter plan on 44-48.

We ran out of snickers and used crackle bars and baby ruth and know reese peanut butter cups, especially the minis would fit right in.

How you wonder did the kids so easily give up the candy, especially for a treat they might get one or two. I offered to pay them .20cents per piece.(snack size) and they could give me the larger bars and we would measure how much each piece was worth. It turned out to be a good math lesson too! They also loved cutting the bars in half and pressing them into the batter and then decorating with M& M’s.
Also last year we made Monster cookies in which we add cut up pieces of candy into sugar cookies.

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