DIY Valentines Day Banner

valentine's day banner

As I was wondering around JoAnn Fabrics looking for some fabric for another upcoming project  I ran across these glittered foam hearts. Another project I was thinking of including me making a  banner with wooden cut outs that I had to glitter myself. Well like always everything is always on sale there so I could not resist the pack of 24 for 4.00. I figured I would use as many as I needed for my banner and then the kids can use the rest of card making supplies.
 This was much simpler and I think just as cute!

Simply decide what phrase you would like and print out the letters on your computer. I made the letters 2 1/2 inches tall. Cut them out and paste them onto your hearts. Using a hole punch, make a hole on the edges of each of the  hearts. String ribbon through the hearts and hang. Make sure and measure the space you wish to hang before cutting your ribbon. That simple.

So what is your favorite Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day banner going to  say?

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