What is happening to my garden…

I have been maintaining my vegetable garden for 3 years at this house and 6 years at my other home. Just a small 8 x4 plot but enough to get some fresh veggies each season.

As usual I planted my favorites, tomatoes, basil, peppers, lettuce, eggplant and zucchini. It is the end of July and my tomatoes are on their way out, one plant is completely browned out. Wondering if that is due to the extreme heat or the fact I planted them in late april. Also something is eating my tomatoes for the first time right of the vine. I thought I had Fort Knox built.

What is most confusing is my Zucchini. The plant is growing vibrantly and I get baby zucchini but the fruit shrivels soon after the flower blooms. This has been happening since they started blooming. ANY THOUGHTS?

My eggplant is having a similar problem but the flowers are just dropping off.

My neighbor has a beehive in her backyard so I would think that would help with my pollination process.

The one new and exciting thing I have going on is Okra. I have never planted it before and I just picked my first one. Wow what a wonderful flower it produces. What I am most proud to say is that the seeds came from Thomas Jefferson’s garden in Charlottesville. Not sure how my friend got them but I felt compelled to try to grow them.

Anyone have any suggestions, I know zucchini can grow in my spot, check out my Zucchini from Mars Post.

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  1. Hi! If natural way of pollination will not work or it takes too long to have effects, I suggest that you do already the artificial way by brushing off pollen of flowers from a plant that you want to have fruits and then transfer them onto another flower of the same kind of plant or to another flower within the same plant.

  2. I also have problems like that with my squash. Maybe it needs more sunlight, water or fertilizers? I really don’t know but I hope someone can comment a solution about that.

  3. I suspect your tomatoes have blight but without a photo I couldn’t be sure. The squash is probably due to a fluctuation in moisture levels. The eggplant has flea beetle damage. Eggplant blooms are self pollinating and problems with flowers aborting are usually due to temperatures. Evening temps below 62 degrees F or day temps above 95 degrees F. I hope this helps!

  4. I don’t got an explanation but sometime because of the drought many plants suffer, or too much or too little sun light…Don’t lose hope

  5. I don’t have any ideas! I hope they get late blooms.