What Moms Really want for Christmas Presents


This is a sponsored post about what mom really want for Christmas presents from fragments.com but all the opinions expressed are my own.

While it is nice to provide your loved ones with a list of “things” you want for Christmas there are a few things I think all women really need. The top of the list of what moms really want for Christmas:  : A wife. 



Yes you heard me I need someone who will:

  • Send out the Christmas cards
  • Wrap all the presents
  • Decorate the house
  • Clean the house
  • Do the laundry in between all the events
  • Send in all the extras for the kids schools projects and parties
  • Attend all school holiday events
  • Shop for all the holiday meals and parties
  • Shop for the kids presents
  • Help out Santa
  • Help with Elf on The Shelf
  • Get items to fill all of the stockings

Am I off on this one ladies? Don’t get me wrong my husband can be helpful, his main job is to get the live Christmas tree and get it into the house and put the lights on. This year our tree is already dropping ton of needles so we are debating whether or not to return it which seems like a lot of work but we do want a live tree on Christmas.

OK, enough about what we moms really need for Christmas, how about a few luxury jewelry items   to make up for what we do everyday. Have you heard of Fragments.com an online fine jewelry retailer? They really have some unique items that will make you forget about the chaos of the holidays. 


I was especially interested in the Djula collection they have. This XOXO Bracelet will be a daily reminder how much you are loved when you are washing dishes and cleaning dirty underwear.

Wouldn’t you have all the mommies in your playgroup envious of one of these funky rings. They will not go unnoticed.



While a lot of their items are beyond many budgets, they do have so pieces of jewelry that will make great Christmas gifts, like this beautiful beaded and very unique bracelet called the Ankoor Bracelet. 

As much as we can dream to have all are “needs” for Christmas filled, we most likely will be doing them ourselves again this year. But be sure to biggie size your wish list with some great jewelry items.

What is on your Christmas List this year?


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