10 Babysitting Games To Play While On Babysitting Jobs

Hopefully you already read our What To Pack in Your Babysitting Bag post already since you always want to be prepared when you go to a babysitting job.  Kids always love to play with toys they don’t own, there is some sort of enchantment about them. 

So you have already gone through the coloring books and play dough you packed.  How about some Babysitting Games to play to keep the little ones entertained and off any screens.

games to play on babysitting jobs

I remember telling my sitters, the kids were not allowed to watch TV unless we were gone the entire day, then I would limit the amount.  I mean why pay a sitter to put your. kid infront of a screen, I can do that for free. 

10 Babysitting Games To play on the Job

Think Elementary School and Preschool when you are coming up with games to play on your babysitting job 

1. Simon Says
Simon Says is likely a game that children have played with teachers and classmates at school, so what better way to kick off the babysitting adventure with some familiar fun? This is a good way to see if the kids listen to commands!!  You can go fast or slow depending on the kids ages. 

10 Babysitting Games To Play While On Babysitting Jobs


Check with the parents before you decorate their driveway but bring a box of outdoor chalk with you on your next adventure in babysitting. Either use their driveway or head to the nearest playground with permission of course, and set up a hopscotch trail, a four square grid or just trace each others body and then they can decorate them.

3. Hide-and-Seek
This can be tricky depending on the families house but Hide and Seek can be fun with any age.  For the younger ones, make limit it to a few rooms.  For older kids, take them outside with flashlights 

4. ISpy

This can take hours to play if the kids are maybe offered a reward if they can guess say 15 of your clues. This can be played indoors or out so the objects are endless. 

5. Freeze Dance
We know you most likely have your cellphone with you, so log into Spotify and play a game of Freeze Dance. Just be sure to search for a kid-friendly song .  Then start and stop the music and the kids can’t move once it stops. 

6. Scavenger Hunt
Grab a pen and paper and write a list of items from around the house that can be used in a scavenger hunt or print this Scavenger hunt for outdoors.  Once again this can be played inside or out depending on the child and once you make a hunt, have the kids make one for you. 

7. Drawing Contests

These were my favorite both as a kid and as a babysitter.  Challenge your child to draw a certain item, like draw a house.  If there are multiple kids this can be a friendly competition just be sure and not always pick the same kids drawing.  Babysitting jobs can be tricky that way.

8. Balloon Tennis or Volleyball

Pick a room with enough space to hit a ballon back and forth or outside. Be sure there is nothing breakable near by either.  You can have a contest to see which pair of kids/ babysitter/child teams can hit it back and forth the most without falling on the ground. 

9. Popsicle Stick or Plastic Cup  Challenge
Bring over 100 plastic cups or popsicle sticks on your next job.  Let the kids build a structure of their own creation.  Whoever creates the tallest structure wins or maybe whoever uses the most pieces and stands the longest.  Be sure to bring a measuring stick or tape. 

10 Babysitting Games To Play While On Babysitting Jobs



Another great outdoor activity and a big hit with the under-3 crowd.
Be sure and pack some bubbles before you leave.  
low bubbles and ask the little ones to try not to let any bubbles disappear.  For older kids you can have a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble. 

This is a great start of fun  games to try on your next adventure in babysitting.  What games do you like to play when you babysit? 

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