Get your Tweens Outside with this Free Tween Scavenger Hunt

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I am not sure about your tween but my tween would spend most of the day in her room, hiding from not only her brothers but any chores I may encourage her to do if I see her. Summer is a time to unwind and get outside.

I can’t complain too much as my tween will read all day if she could, but she could be more active. She also loves to cook and eat which means we all need to stay active. I thought we would incorporate our new tween snack discovery with a scavenger hunt to get those tweens out and active and playing fun games.


Get your Tweens Outside with this Free Tween Scavenger Hunt

We first found these great new Goldfish Puffs at our Target store. They really found us as we did not have to get very far to find them at the front end of the store, you know the displays where you check out.

Goldfish Puffs come in 3 flavors, at least at our Target Store, Mega cheese, Buffalo Wing and  Cheddar and bacon. We had to buy all three of course because we could not decide. Who doesn’t love a goldfish cracker but these seem a little more modern for the older kids!

Before inviting our tween snackers over, we created scavenger hunt clues for things to find outside. Remember that is our goal to keep them outside not back up to the “room”. Here are the scavenger hunt clues we decided to work with.  Scroll down to print one out! 

 tween scavenger hunt

Since most tween girls love art, I decided to provide each one with a plain sandwich size bag and let them decorate it with markers but also tell them to leave room for decorating the bag with their treasures after the scavenger hunt. Easy enough so far. They could do this without any help from mom.


If you have a large group, divide your group into Goldfish Puffs flavor teams, and then send them off.

The final scavenger hunt clue is a scavenger hunt in their mouths. Make sure they are familiar with the flavor names and then blindfold them or just add them to cups likes these when they are not looking. Conduct the taste test to see if they can guess the flavors. Be sure you know which one is which as they look the same.

goldfish puffs

Can you tell from this picture? Love the smiley faces on Goldfish Snacks, just makes any age want to smile back!


goldfish puffs


These Goldfish Puffs from Target are the perfect tween or teen snack because they are in a larger bag, like a chip bag, and they have the crunchy sound of a chip. My tweens still love the traditional goldfish but this is more fun to grab and share.


To refuel after their long scavenger hunt, my daughter created a special Goldfish Puffs Trail Mix. Sounds like a typical teen snack, sweet & Salty and no veggies. Also a great road trip snack as well as an after-school snack.

goldfish puffs

GOLDFISH PUFFS TRAIL MIX To Use on your Tween Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Mega Cheese Puffs
  2. Pretzels
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Chocolate Chips

Other food Tweens will love:

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Teens & Tweens

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Bites

Healthy After School Snacks


tween outside scavenger hunt  What would you add to this scavenger hunt for teens?  

You can download this scavenger hunt page here.

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  1. SO true, not sure where mine is hiding this exact minute:)

  2. Hope you have fun with this, glad your kids can get outside and discover new things with these scavenger hunt clues.

  3. I love it when I realize the house is quiet and it’s because all the kids went outside. I have found that it’s true, “a body in motion stays in motion”, so we start off the summer with a camp of some sort and it keeps my tween moving most of the summer.

  4. Thank you for the post! This is a very neat idea. My tween needs ideas outside the box…and house! LOL!

  5. My kids love doing scavenger hunts so we are definitely going to try this one! I think I’m also going to throw that trail mix together too since I am sure they will like it. To answer your question, my daughters would choose the mega cheese and my boys would choose cheddar bacon.

  6. That bacon cheddar sounds soooo goooood!

  7. Oh I am sure they would have fun with this. Thanks for sharing

  8. Today is the first I’ve ever heard of these. I must try the Bacon Cheddar. Love the scavenger hunt idea too!

  9. What a great idea! This sounds like it would be so much fun-and tasty too! I willhave to share this with my sister-in-law who has a tween with a Birthday coming soon!

  10. Have no kids but this sounds like a great idea to get them outside and moving!! I probably would like the mega cheese one the best. And I like her trail mix–who says that is only for tweens!!

  11. have never seen these,they look good.

  12. Those look so yummy! I have never heard of those before!