Healthy After School Snacks

Healthy After School Snacks

It is that time of year that the kids are coming home from a long day of school and they are not only exhausted but hungry too. What to feed them and not ruin their dinner? For a lot of us the after school snack also needs to be healthy as it might have to take them through a sport or music lesson that gets out pretty late in the evening. Healthy After School Snacks

It is so easy to get into the rut of telling them to grab something from the pantry. However, it is nice to have those healthy after school snacks ideas that will satisfy them much better so they are not asking for more food as you are cooking dinner!

If I have time during the day, I will make quick bread or banana snack cake recipes into muffins making sure to use part whole wheat flour into the recipe as well as apple sauce for part of the oil included. Or make an extra-large batch and freeze some. Just pop a few out before kids get home and they will not know you were not busy making them before they got home.

Peanut butter and apples or celery will keep them satisfied for a few hours before dinner.

Mini Pizza bagels or English muffins were a snack I looked forward to coming home to when I was growing up. I decided to try a little different version with buttermilk biscuits.


Just carefully stretch out the biscuits to a desired width, just remember they will pop up.


Add your favorite tomato sauce and cheese and boom, 8 minutes you have a yummy treat for the kids. Looked so good I tried one and might say they tasted amazing. I suggest to eat these warm too!

Healthy After School Snacks

I asked some blog friends what they serve their kids as an after school snack and this is what they came up with.

Greta from Greta’s Day makes homemade hummus to enjoy with crackers, pita chips or veggies. There are so many different varieties of hummus out there I am sure you can find one your family enjoys if you are afraid to try to make some yourself. Until this week I have never made a  hummus recipe this before and tried one with artichokes and lemon. 

Lavone from Long wait for Isabella shared 10 healthy snacks to feed your Preschooler

Granola bars make a great take to school snack or after school snack. Heidi from Mama Nibbles likes making chewy granola bars.   I have also made some Nutty  granola bars from Emeril that I ate more than my kids.

Crystal from Happy Mothering her spin on healthy snacks.  Including a cute apple and peanut butter flower.

Make some of these not so healthy  apple cupcakes, great for the first day of school 

Darcy and Brian share some quick and easy healthy snacks as well as some trick to adding color to snack time.

For a little extra sweet treat, Krystal from Baking Beauty makes amazing cupcakes from a mix. You need to check out her Brownie Magic Mallow Bars. 

So with all these great ideas you don’t have to fear the hungry bellies that arrive after a full day of school. What is your favorite afternoon snack adult or child?


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  1. My son and I like to snack on slightly salty almonds (it can easily replace that potato chip craving I get every so often…). My mom used to make us English muffin pizzas (same concept as your pizza bagels). As a matter of fact, my husband made them last night 🙂

  2. Those look so yummy! My kids would lOVE THIS!

  3. Those look yummy! My kids would love those

  4. Yum the pizza bagels look so good! I could go for one right now!