Back to School or Fall Time Treat–Apple Cupcakes

tI won’t say I jumped for joy that the kids went back to school but when my youngest and I came home from dropping off the older two to school I did do a little ceremonious dance. It was a fun but long summer and I think we were all ready for a change.

With some free time and only one little helper we got started on a fun treat we saw in Family Fun Magazine this month, Apple Cupcakes. No healthy whole wheat and chopped apple muffins but apple decorated cupcakes.

I needed to make some cupcakes for an upcoming birthday and thought I would use some of the batter to make these treats for the kids.

I happened to have mini muffin red silicon wrappers so we improvised slightly. If you search on line I am sure there is a source for red paper liners which would be a better choice if you wanted to serve them somewhere other than your home.

1) Bake cupcakes in red liners

2)After allowing the cupcakes to cool, cover with red tinted frosting.

3)Roll in red sprinkles:

4)Make a stem out of a rolled out tootsie roll-simply cut with kitchen shears

5)Cut leaves out of flattened green starbursts. (if they are not fresh, place them in the micro for a few seconds).

I also made a few large cupcakes in the yellow liners I had, you probably have these at home. Frosted them with yellow tinted frosting and a larger sprinkle. ( I think they look better with the sugar but I used what I had)

If I had any gummy worms I think that would make a cute touch or even a fun april fools prank!


So whether you are celebrating the kids back to school or a fall day give these cupcakes a try the kids will won’t refuse to eat this fruit!!

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