20 Holiday Drinks For Adults

Hosting a Christmas party or just want to serve a fun cocktail over the holidays?  We are sharing 20 fun Holiday Drinks for Adults only!  Sure some can be made without alcohol if you want them to be family friendly.

20 Holiday Cocktails

20 Holiday Drinks For Adults

  1. White Russian

Have you ever been out with friends and had someone order a White Russian cocktail? The striking creamy white color makes it stand out from other classic drinks, but there is more about the unusual beverage that makes it a great drink to sip on while munching on your favorite foods – and that may be why it is so popular in bars and clubs around the world.

History of Creation

Three very different stories are associated with the creation of the White Russian.

  • The first claims that the drink was invented by 1955 in Oakland, California, although no specifics are offered.
  • The second claims that a popular drink called the Russian was altered in the 1930s and moved west with the immigrants leaving their homes. The second creation story is also lacking in details but is thought to be feasible since the immigrants loved vodka-based drinks.
  • The third creation story involves a Belgian bartender, Gustave Tops, who added cream to the Russian cocktail to reduce the strong alcohol taste in the potent drink. Since the cream also altered the appearance, the White Russian was said to be born.

Variations of White Russian Drink

The original White Russian recipe is known to be a strong potable mixture, but the cream makes it taste more like a Sunday morning delight. With so many people enjoying the creamy coffee mixture, it is no surprise the recipe has been modified by many cultures around the world to include their area items.

There is a White Mexican that uses horchata instead of the standard cream, while the White Canadian adds goat’s milk to the mixture.

For chocolate lovers, the White Belgian removes the coffee flavor and adds chocolate liqueur, and the Dirty Russian removes the cream altogether and adds chocolate milk.

For those that love a taste of the Irish, the Mudslide adds the creamy liqueur flavor, and for those that worry about calories, there is the Anna Kournikova drink that removes the cream totally and adds a liberal amount of skim milk. Some people even love to top the already velvety drink with whipped cream to add an even more decadent creaminess to the cocktail.

Although the White Russian has no definitive creation story, the one sure thing about the popular drink is that it has a powerful punch – and that makes it trendy. No matter how you love your Russian cocktail, you can find it in a flavor that will fit your mood.


20 Holiday Drinks For Adults

20 amazing holiday drink recipes to serve at your next Christmas Party

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