5 BLog or Lunch Break Ideas


As a mother, no matter if you work out of the home or not, you wear a lot of different hats. From the The boss. Chauffeur. Personal stylist, dog groomer, life coach, nurse, house cleaner, tutor… you get the idea. I often forget to take a break from my daily work responsibilities to eat a meal or grab a healthy snack. If I know I will be going for activity to activity I like to pack a healthy snack like a Perfectly Simple snack bars. If I am working at home on my computer I don’t want to stop to take a lunch break so I look for a snack that is high in protein, 200 calories or less, gluten-free and will satisfy my hunger. If you do find yourself with a few minutes for a lunch or snack break, here are some productive ideas. 

blog break tips


5 Lunch or Work Break Ideas:


  1. Listen to a pod cast 
    If you are looking ways to improve your blog, use your lunch break to learn a new blogging tip. You can listen to podcasts  articles about new technology,  blogging or photography tips.
  2. Brainstorm : Do you have a mental block on what to write your latest blog post? You should try brainstorming. Just take a few moments during your break to open your mind and write down every idea you have for future blog posts. 
  3.  Burn off some steam. Go for a walk, a run, or maybe go to the gym if you have time. Using your break to workout can help you come back refreshed and energized. All that time sitting at the computer, its time to take a break and get some exercise. 
  4. Make phone calls. One of the most productive things you can do at lunch is to make phone calls because you don’t have to waste any time driving anywhere. So go ahead, call your Mom, call an old friend, your partner, or return that phone call you’ve been dreading. Just be sure not to call someone that will talk for 2 hours!
  5.  Fuel up. Make sure you’re eating what you need to get through the afternoon. Make sure you eat something that has a lot of protein, like Perfectly Simple snack bars  These Snack Good. Feel Gooder snacks come in a variety of flavors that are sure to please. 



Almond Toffee Crunch
Bing Cherry & Almond
Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate


Be sure to take a good lunch break and Download a coupon for $1.00 off ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Bars.


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  1. A blog break is a must have! I work a full time job outside of the home so when I get home it is hard to find the motivation to blog. However, I find it but take breaks so that I don’t experience burnout ….. not saying I never do!

  2. When I have blogger burnout I like to also go for a walk or go in the backyard and spend sometime with my chickens. Sometimes I’ll even read a book that I’ve been neglecting.

  3. snacks are always great and brainstorming requires snacks… so great ideas 🙂

  4. I can see myself doing number 1, 4 and 5 LOL I usually have music on in the background anyways lol.

  5. Since I work from home, I am really bad about stopping for a lunch break. I often try to finish just one more task before I take a break. Before I know it, it is mid afternoon and I have yet to eat lunch. Those bars would be perfect to keep in my desk for those days where I just don’t feel like making myself anything to eat.

  6. I always get the munchies around 3 pm at my desk. These would be great to keep in my drawer and pull out to nosh on.

  7. I keep TVLand on in the background and take breaks to watch Gilligan’s Island or some other old show. Mindless entertainment without all the drama!