Five No Cook Appetizers for Mom’s Night Out Party

I received free products in order to host my National Mother’s Night Out Party and share these no cook appetizers ideas. All the opinions expressed are 100% our own. 

It is so against my nature to not make anything from scratch when I entertain. One reason is that I usually am looking for new blog material and what a great way to bang out a bunch of recipes and get it all eaten. However, I was traveling before our National Mom’s Night Out party and knew making appetizers and desserts for 12 women was not going to happen. Maybe if I made some things ahead of time and froze them, but did not do that either.


So I am sharing some simple appetizers you can serve that do not require any cooking at all. Just going to the grocery store and  plating them up  for guests. I did not hear any complaints!!

appetizer-recipes1. One of my go to appetizers, even when I do have time to cook, is simply Sliced hard salami and english cucumbers. There is something so simple but so tasty about this. In addition I added some cut up Havarti cheese and crackers. I found many moms at the party making little sandwiches with all the ingredients. Simple but the sliced sausage makes it a little more elegant. 


2. Who puts out pretzels for a bunch of women? I did, but first I made a yummy dip ( you can buy it but this is so much cheaper)  Simply mix about half spicy or brown mustard with Raspberry Jam in a small bowl. Adjust the ingredients to get the flavor you want. I got many comments that people had purchased this raspberry honey mustard dip before but loved my version. 


3. I also had a pre made Crab dip I had purchased surrounded by toasted bread rounds I found at the grocery store. With the Dip-A-De-Do container people might think it was homemade. A pimento Cheese Dip would be a good option as well. 


4. For dessert I purchased a container of frozen mini eclairs. Always a hit. Simply add a bowl of fresh berries and you will please all the taste buds in your crowd.


5. Simple bowls of snacks were also around the house like Chex Mix and chocolate covered pretzels! Other options are nuts, gold fish . M& M’s you name it woman like to graze on small snacks. 

Thanks to our sponsors we also had a table for these moms to get crafty. When do you take time to show your artistic side? They had fun decorating a wine glass with puffed fabric paint. IMG_0029wine-decorating


Games, well not this party. I had not seen many of these ladies in a while so I thought we would just relax with some wine and chat. It’s hard enough to get out on a week day so let everyone relax and enjoy being a mom!


Each mom brought home a swag bag of goodies from our sponsors. Entenmann’s Little Bites, Bicycle Cocktail Playing Cards, MyPrintly Candy Favors and HP Photo Card Packs. This is the way to party isn’t it.

What are some of your favorite no cook appetizers? 




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  1. Love the party idea. Those glasses are awesome.

  2. Chips and salsa for sure!! Looks like a fun night!!

  3. Sometimes the simplest of foods are the best. This looks like a fun night.

  4. You can never go wrong with Fruits and Pretzels .. these are staple items at any event

  5. Looks like you had a blast! I love munching on crackers, cheese, and meats

  6. What a fun party! You really did have a lot of tasty and healthy choices without having to cook!! Great ideas.

  7. We love appetizers! We can make a meal on just appetizers. Thanks for the suggestions.

  8. Sometimes No Cook apps are definitely the way to go! If I’m short on time for planning or prepping, I tend to pull out the dip card! lol Everybody loves dipping stuff!

  9. Looks like a great party to me. Love that the moms even got to take home swag bags. And Entenmann’s??? Yes, please. 🙂